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Following Your Heart

Feb 01, 2018 04:03PM ● By Ashley Madonna

A passion project is a great opportunity to add some creative time into your everyday routine. Whether writing, photography or calligraphy piques your interest, diving deeper into a hobby gives you the space to explore your artistic side. It can either be a fun way to spend your free time or a possible side hustle. No matter why you are inspired, Jen knows beginning the process can be hard. Here are some tips she’s learned along the way of pursuing her passion.

1)     Give yourself this gift: Do it. Start. The biggest hurdle in most people’s way is not starting. Even if you don’t know where to begin, research where to begin. It really is that simple.

2)     Ignore self-doubt. Push it aside. It won’t always be an easy road. Plan to stumble than to get back up. Plan for setbacks. Just count on it. Don’t let these glitches increase your self-doubt.

3)     Find your team. Surround yourself with people who have a similar passion and with people who don’t but will support and love you. You will need mentors if this is a totally new thing for you, and you will enjoy the journey better with people who understand why your passion is so important to you.