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Southlake Style

International Trends

Mar 01, 2018 09:31AM ● By Maleesa Johnson

A cozy cottage in the countryside of France. A villa overlooking a vineyard in Italy. These little slices of heaven tug at the wistful romantic in all of us. While we may all daydream of soaking up sun somewhere far away, perhaps we are overlooking the paradise right in front of us. Create your own vacation-worthy environment with a few decorative adjustments. Apply these tactics to your room of choice for the ultimate staycation destination – your own home!


Already prevalent in the exterior design of Southlake homes, Tuscan architecture manages to appear homey and refined at the same time. But before you start busting arches into all of your door-frames, we have some basic tips for an Italian countryside aesthetic. A warm color palette is essential. Think shades of tan, burgundy and sage. Invest in a few handcrafted clay pots. Hang brass wall sconces for an added edge. And of course, you can never go wrong with a scenic piece of art that emulates the land of your daydreams.


Close your eyes and picture Parisian style decor. Maybe you saw decadent crown molding or perhaps beautiful shades of blue or even black and white striped wallpaper. That’s the fun part about France. It seems like each decade has remarkably different but equally influential styles. Keep in mind, when we mention Parisian-inspired decorations, we are not suggesting that you buy dozens of miniature Eiffel Tower replicas. Keep it chic with a monochromatic palette and chandeliers fit for a modern-day Marie Antoinette. Or, channel your inner Louis XV with antique and elaborate high-backed arm chairs. The sky is the limit, and who wouldn’t want a Parisian home? As Gertrude Stein famously said, “America is my country, and Paris is my home town.”


Throw decorating caution to the wind by modeling your dwelling after one of your favorite beach houses. We would recommend this theme only to the truly carefree because it can get a little loud. Hot pink, aqua, lime green, yellow, you name it, if it’s bright, it’s probably the exterior color of a beachside home in paradise. Tone it down by sticking to a largely white interior with pops of aqua for a living room that your guests can enjoy without wearing sunglasses. Install a hanging pod chair for a whimsical, yet chic interpretation of an indoor hammock. And, if you really want to play it up, we won’t judge you for employing a few potted palms. Just makes sure they get plenty of light!