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Haven Dental Gives Back with "We Heart U" Initiative

Mar 12, 2018 01:27PM ● By Dia

Every day during my morning walk to dental school in downtown Boston, I would pass by so many of the homeless in our city. I didn’t know if they were mentally ill, addicted to drugs, veterans, alcoholics or if they just had a streak of bad luck, and frankly, it didn’t matter. I could see these individuals had experienced immense hardships, no matter how exactly they got there.

Many people would walk past them, and go about their day as our fellow humans sat on the side of the road and just “got by” most days. It seemed, in most instances, they felt as if they had been forgotten.

There are individuals like this all over the world that need to be reminded that they are people, they are important and they are loved. I started the We Heart U Project to remind those who feel unloved or forgotten, that there are so many people all over the world who want the less fortunate to know that they are loved. And we do it with a simple message, “We Heart U.”

Every patient who comes into our office for any exam or treatment is automatically a We Heart U 

 donor as we gift a portion of every dollar spent to this program. The donations that come to us are used locally and internationally to show others that they are loved! Additionally, all patients receive a bamboo toothbrush at their exam, and it’s the same toothbrush that we donate all around the world!

We send a combination of toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and other essential items with missionaries, churches, youth groups, dental expeditions or those that want to help out! We have sent kits to Africa, China, Central America and South America.

Locally, the fund sponsors patients by providing quality dental care to those who otherwise could not afford dental treatment. We have committed to granting two sponsorships per year and hope to expand this to a monthly giveaway as the fund and program grow. Additionally, we use the money to create awareness for local groups who need a voice, like those involved in human trafficking.  

Anyone who wants to apply for a sponsorship can do so by simply sending us a photo of themselves along with their story and why they feel they should be a grant beneficiary. Those interested can write to We Heart Southlake and the surrounding communities. We want to not only say it but also show it. We hope to spread our gifts to every corner of the world! We bring Heart to the forgotten, to the lonely and the oppressed.

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