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Southlake Style

Honoring the Honorees

Apr 03, 2018 10:50AM ● By Ashley Madonna

Come out and show support to some of America’s finest at the 2018 Medal of Honor Motorcade Escort, which will be driving through Southlake on Wednesday, April 4.

“The purpose of the motorcade is to honor Medal of Honor award winners and celebrate and recognize veterans from both World War II and the Vietnam War,” says Southlake public information officer Brad Uptmore.

Starting at DFW Airport at 5:00 p.m., the group will travel through Southlake and end in Gainesville Wednesday evening. Southlake residents should expect traffic congestion as the motorcade comes through. The entrance ramps to Highway 114 will be closed as well as the “Texas Turnaround” on the Carroll Bridge, which will be open to pedestrians and bystanders that want to come out with American flags, signs and posters to welcome in these heroes.

"Southlake DPS is honored to participate in an event that celebrated those that sacrificed so much for us," Southlake police chief James Brandon says.

So come out with your family to show respect to these members making their way to Gainesville, the host city for The Medal of Honor Parade scheduled for Saturday, April 7.