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Southlake Style

Spring Spaces

Apr 09, 2018 08:53AM ● By Maleesa Johnson

They say “April showers bring May flowers.” However, the only thing predictable about Texas weather is its unpredictability. With that in mind, we have provided two distinctly different outdoor options that allow you to soak up the springtime in whatever form it comes in. Rain or shine, chilly or muggy, here are some outdoor spaces that allow you to enjoy the outdoors before the real heat hits. 

Fired Up

When those last-minute cold fronts hit, it’s easy to find yourself cooped up inside, wishing for summer. Yet, when it arrives, you’ll kick yourself for not enjoying the cooler weather. Avoid the regret by supplying your backyard with all you need to enjoy almost any climate. In this case, we recommend fire pits or patio fireplaces. Fire pits are an excellent solution for anyone looking for a quick project. Rather than fully revamping your patio, fire pits can be added anywhere in the yard. Choose a stone or brick that complements your home’s exterior. Another way to make the style cohesive with your home is with a purposeful chair selection for the pieces that circle the pit. Add a cute walkway to the newly added sitting area, and you have officially created a new spot to entertain guests or simply enjoy a glass of wine.


Gazebos have long been heralded for the romance they add to any setting. Dating back to ancient Egypt, these outdoor structures were used purely for gardening. Centuries later, gazebos have made a mark for themselves in pop culture. The centerpieces of the towns featured in shows such as Gilmore Girls and Hart of Dixie? You guessed it – gazebos. We can’t think of a reason not to have one in your yard. Whether it is a welcoming structure at the front of your property or a haven in the back lawn, we have some tips to make your gazebo a hot spot to stay cool.

First, drape some linens from the cross beams. There are plenty of outdoor fabrics that can give a rustic, yet elegant look while being durable enough to face the elements. If you prefer a more natural look, take a page from the ancient Egyptians’ playbook and allow climbing vines to wrap around the structure. The Coral Honeysuckle is perfect for the job as it is native to Texas and can grow up to 20 feet. Its flowers have been known to attract hummingbirds, so you could enjoy a little bird watching up close.  Make sure to include comfortable seating for a perfect day in the shade.