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Southlake Style

Julie Walsh

Apr 10, 2018 10:01AM ● By Ashley Madonna

When Julie’s son, Dave, enrolled in Carroll ISD, she was looking for a way to get involved in the community. So she joined Southlake’s Women’s Club. Now, eight years later, she has served on the board twice as programs chair and was named last year’s "Member of the Year." And she continues to serve in her new role of the group’s 2018-2019 president.

“Southlake Women’s Club is a group of amazing, giving women. They are the people that you want to surround yourself with,” Julie says. “It was a great way to make friends.”  

Julie also has served as co-chair for the Art in the Square VIP Party, décor chair for the Southlake Chamber Women’s Empowerment luncheon and décor chair for the 2017/2018 CEC Love and Hope Gala, so it’s safe to say a lot of her time is dedicated to city events.

And that’s all on top of her busy career. Julie and her husband own Sterling Renovations & Design, a luxury home remodeling firm with an internal interior styling team. She takes the time to meet with each of her clients to build a relationship with them to achieve their dream home renovation. And while her work keeps her days filled, she says she takes time to give back in these roles to stay grounded. 

“Giving back helps me feel well-rounded in my life,” Julie says.

Plus, she says her team helps make her job easier. Their team of two has grown with the addition of seven employees, including their daughter, Catherine, who acts as an interior stylist/CAD designer. 

“I have a great team,” Julie says. “Everyone is so knowledgeable in their own skill set, which helps things run smoothly.” 

Through it all, Julie helps make Southlake shine by assisting in its different community events, which helps build up that homey spirit that keeps so many people in town. 

“It’s a great community, and that’s really the city’s draw,” Julie says. “Once people move here, they just never leave because of that small-town feel.”