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Southlake Style

Chris Brown

Apr 10, 2018 10:02AM ● By Ashley Madonna

Chris Brown’s style is meant to withstand the heat of his vigorous daily responsibilities. And this Southlake firefighter is particularly interested in what his coworkers are wearing by keeping a close eye on his department’s apparel.

Chris was born and raised in Denison, and he joined the Southlake Fire Department 13 years ago. He was looking for something that would challenge him, keep him active and let him serve others.

“I have a love for helping people,” Chris says. “We generally get people at their worst, and we get to go in and help them.”

Most recently, he was honored with his department’s Director’s Award during the City of Southlake’s annual employee appreciation celebration. He was chosen because of his strong work ethic and quality all while keeping a positive attitude while on the job.

This man in uniform has been in charge of ensuring the quality of his team’s bunker gear for seven years. He oversees the annual inspection of everything from their boots to their jackets to their hoots to their helmets, on top of the inspection and cleaning that comes after any team members come out of a fire. 

“We all have different projects that we take over,” Chris says. “And this is the one that fell in my lap. The man who did it before kind of took me under his wing before he retired, and I’ve done it since then.”

This is all on top of his regular duties that come with being a local firefighter. And those alone definitely keep him on his toes. 

“Every day is different because no call is the same,” Chris says. “I mean, in what other role can you tear something down and then get thanked for it?”