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Southlake Style

School of Rock Will Rock Out At FÜDTRUKY

Apr 14, 2018 08:59AM ● By Ashley Madonna

Jack Black fans may remember the 2003 movie that showed cute kids finding their voice by rocking out. And while most people probably assume the School of Rock music program was based on the film, it’s actually the opposite.

School of Rock got its start in 1998 with their first location in Philadelphia. Since then, it has expanded into one of the largest and most respected music schools in the world – with more than 200 locations located around the globe. The Metroplex itself has nine locations, and the Southlake school, located on Southlake Boulevard, has been teaching musicians of all ages to jam over the past eight years.

"The coolest thing about our location here is the amazing sense of community," says Marty Morris, Music Director. "Our kids and their families are part of someplace truly special, a place that becomes more like a second home."

These students have gone on to make names for themselves in the music industry. Morris’ musicians have been accepted to some of the best music colleges in the world, and three of them have appeared on American Idol in the past three years – including Dalton Rapattoni who finished in third place and Juliana Madrid who is battling it out on the latest season.

School of Rock will be bringing the heat to the first ever FÜDTRUKY. They will be taking the stage later in the day, after Dan Quinn and DJ KB get the party started. Come out on May 5 for a great day of FÜD ( good • food ), TÜNs ( rockin' • tunes ) and BRÜs (beer). Tickets are now available for purchase