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Southlake Style

It's On Like Yard Pong!

Apr 30, 2018 11:22AM ● By Mike

If you haven’t already heard FÜDTRUKY, sponsored by Hays Financial Strategies and Meyer Tax Consulting, is set to bring the FÜD, TÜNs and BRÜs to Southlake this Saturday May 5th!

In addition to all the aforementioned greatness, there will be a serious (but not too serious) Yard Pong tournament starting at 1:00pm!

That’s right—Y-A-R-D Pong! Think college party with a serious Texas-sized twist! We’re putting on a single elimination, winner-take-all tournament and we’re lookin’ at you. So grab a teammate (over age 21) and join the fun!

Here are the rules:

  • $20 per co-ed team entry (at least one female per team)
  • 21-and-over to play (no drinking required)
  • Single elimination format (games take about 15-20 minutes)

1. FÜDTRUKY YARD PONG is played with 2-person teams (at least 1 female per team), 12 32 gallon buckets and 2 volley balls.

2. Each team is to set up opposing triangles of 6 FÜDTRUKY YARD PONG buckets 20ft apart from front buckets. If that gets too easy, we may back the triangles up for later rounds.

3. The object of the game is to either throw or bounce the ball into the other team’s buckets and eliminate all of the other team’s buckets before they eliminate all of yours. Players should stand behind their last bucket while throwing or bouncing the ball. Defensively, players must stand behind their buckets until the thrower’s ball bounces.

4. Throwing the ball into a bucket eliminates that particular bucket and it shall be removed from the triangle. (If the ball goes in then bounces out, it does not count!)

5. Bouncing the ball into the bucket eliminates the bucket the ball went into and one other of the shooters choice. DEFENSE: On bounce shots, the opposing team may catch, swat, scissor-kick, head bunt or do anything else with their bodies to safely prevent the ball from going into the buckets after the shot bounces off the ground or off the bucket. Careful, if it bounces in off of you, it COUNTS! **While playing defense, if you knock any of your own bucket/s over in the process, they are taken away just as if the other team had made a shot in them.

6. A team must shoot both balls before the other team shoots and each player on the team must take a turn.

7. If a team makes both of their shots, they get both of the balls back for another turn.

8. If a bucket is knocked over by a shot, then the bucket is stood up, put back in its original position and is not taken away.

9. When a team's final FÜDTRUKY YARD PONG bucket has been made, each player on that team will get a chance to shoot until he/she misses. If they succeed in making it in all of the opponents remaining buckets the game will go into a 3 bucket overtime round formation.

10. If the other team cannot force the game into overtime and all of their buckets have been eliminated, YOUR TEAM WINS!