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Southlake Style

Get Cookin’

May 01, 2018 12:58PM ● By Maleesa Johnson

Cooking can sometimes seem like a chore, but it doesn’t have to. One of the easiest ways to adjust your outlook is to change your environment. That is why we are dedicating this section to outdoor kitchens. That’s right, it’s time for some fresh eats served with a side of fresh air. And we aren’t talking about roasting hot dogs over an open fire. Don’t limit yourself like that. We are living in an age that allows full kitchens outside, and that is glorious. Step up your cookout game with some of these outdoor kitchen options. 

Patio Potluck

Imagine stepping out of your kitchen and right into another kitchen. If you love to cook, this is paradise. Even if culinary arts are not your areas of expertise, perhaps the fresh air will help make your mealtime quests more enjoyable. With the proper utility hookups, a full outdoor kitchen is a possible and fun addition to your home. While built-in grills have already become quite popular, we have a few other recommendations to transform your patio into a chef’s paradise. First, never underestimate the value of a quality stovetop. These can be added into the rock or brick countertops that your grill is built into. We would be remiss to not encourage the installation of a wine cooler. Not sold on that idea? Picture yourself outside on a cool evening, glass of wine in hand, channeling your inner Rachael Ray. It’s clearly a necessity.

Open-Air, Pull Up a Chair

Roll those picnic blankets up and dream bigger. Dining outside doesn’t have to mean eating on the ground. For better or worse, we’ve all had our share of patio furniture that eventually ended up for sale on multiple Facebook groups. If you’re truly committed to eating al fresco, it’s time to invest in an elegant yet sturdy dining table. If your patio is sheltered enough from Mother Nature, there are plenty of stunning natural wood tables that can stand the test of time. If your outdoor kitchen is more exposed to rain, we recommend a granite-topped table framed by galvanized steel. The latter option lends itself to more a more industrial-inspired setting, but it can still be dressed up if needed. If the description didn’t give it away, a table like this can be a bit heavy, so consider hiring a professional for moving and installation. And of course, every dining table needs a good set of chairs. Since you are playing with an outdoor space, consider having some fun by alternating chair styles or adding a bench.