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Ruby Chocolate Brings Something Fresh To The Sweet Industry

May 15, 2018 01:20PM ● By Ashley Madonna

For a new take on an indulgent favorite, head over to Central Market to get the first taste of an exclusive treat: the world’s first gourmet ruby chocolate. Prestat, the makers of the world’s first gourmet Ruby Chocolate, is now bringing their vibrant line of gourmet pink chocolates to U.S. chocolate lovers at Central Market for the first time.

This new addition to their wide range of chocolate creations balances both sweet chocolate flavors and a distinctive fruitiness, making it unlike anything else in the country. Its vivid, pink-hued color alone makes it stand out from everything else on the shelf. 

The product is made with sustainably sourced ruby cocoa beans that are hand selected for their color and fruit flavors. And with 46% cocoa content, these tasty treats provide a clear freshness with each bite. Whether you try their Ruby Chocolate Marc de Champagne Cocoa Podo Truffles, pick up their Ruby Chocolate Thins or enjoy their Ruby Chocolate Fruit & Nut Discs, these sweets are sure to excite your palate.

Prestat’s founder, Antoine Dufour, invented the chocolate truffle in 1895. Since then, he has been leading the charge as a prominent chocolatier. With this latest creation, Prestat is continuing to make a name for themselves in not only the industry but also the world. 

Central Market is the first to offer this bright dessert in the country. Be sure to swing by to pick some up before they sell out!