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Southlake Style

Man Cave Trends

Jun 01, 2018 09:00AM ● By Maleesa Johnson

In the age of “She Sheds,” it’s important to remember that there is still space for a “He Haven.” That’s right, we’re talking about man caves. Think Iron Man’s workshop or Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. For a deeper dive, picture the jam session room from “I Love You, Man.” Put simply, it’s a place of escape for the man of the house. If you’re imagining a dark, dingy room that smells like stale beer, let us put you on the correct course. Man caves can take on all kinds of aesthetics and purposes. Is this a place of reflection or a room dedicated to cheering on your favorite teams? Maybe it’s for both! Either way, using the tips below, you can bring life back to what may have become an overlooked space.


You’ve heard it before: Location, location, location. The same applies to your haven. Get out of the garage and move your guy time into that home office you rarely use. Better yet, keep the home office, but make it versatile enough to handle game night. If you are father to a college upperclassman, consider clearing out their childhood room. We know it’s hard to let go of the memories, but there are new ones to be made. If you’re thinking, “my wife already claimed that room,” we have the solution: a shared space. This may sound like it goes against every man cave ideology, but with the right décor and furniture, it’s feasible. Besides, she probably roots for the Cowboys louder than you do.


It’s 2018, and we can’t figure out why man caves are still mainly marketed as sports dens. Men have far more diverse interests than that. And if you like the way the rest of your house looks, why not carry that aesthetic into your man cave? But if you feel like you don’t have a vision for your hideaway, it’s always best to start with a theme. If you fancy yourself the 007 type, incorporate a full bar into the room and let the martinis flow. For the cigar aficionados, channel your favorite lounge and add a humidor. Maybe your true peace comes from a good workout. Great! Turn the room into home gym 2.0. Don’t forget the classic standbys – pool tables, shuffleboards and dartboards. But if you’re tired of those, throw them out and create a new theme. From a Broga (bro-yoga, it’s a real thing) studio to a vintage arcade, the sky is the limit on your in-house getaway.