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Southlake Style

Ice, Ice Baby

Jun 01, 2018 09:04AM ● By Ashley Madonna

There’s nothing like a little dry ice to amp up your cocktail game. After this vodka martini is placed on the bar, its name just comes to life: Voliá. With a floral accent – that is edible – and a smoking finish, this vibrant drink turns heads as its carried from the bar to diners’ tables. Its sugar rim may have you thinking this is a sweeter drink, but the tart fruit juices creates a nice balance. It’s easy to sip on, whether you enjoy it by their beautiful bay windows or grab a seat next to their grand piano to take in some live music.  


VOLIÁ | Truluck’s 


Sobieski Vodka                                                                       

Poema Cava                                                                            

Chambord Liqueur                                                                  

Pineapple Juice                                                                       

Powdered Sugar                                                                      


Dry Ice                                                                                    

Edible Violets                                                                           

Lime Juice                                                                               


Add sugar to the rim of a martini glass. Add a knuckle-size piece of dry ice to the bottom of the glass after tamping it down with the back of a muddler. You don’t want to break it – you just want to make sure it’s stuck on the bottom. Combine vodka, Chamboard, pineapple juice and lime juice in a shaker, and mix vigorously. Gently pour over the dry ice. Add raspberries and cava into a carafe. Then, gently pour the cava with the berries to fill the martini glass.

Nice touch:

Garnish with edible flowers.


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