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Southlake Style

Pool Perfection

Jul 02, 2018 09:42AM ● By Maleesa Johnson

Of all things to update, pools can be one of the largest renovation undertakings. It’s far more work and generally more permanent than reupholstering a couch or painting a room. For those reasons, you want to be sure to go with a style that lasts when planning your aquatic assembly. In light of that, we have picked trends that will stand the test of time, while updating your oasis. We have also provided smaller project ideas for those who aren’t quiet ready to jump into the deep end.

Right Angles are the Right Call

Is your rounded pool making you feel like a square? You’re not alone. For the past few years, clean lines and 90-degree angles have been dominating trends far beyond pools. It’s no secret that minimalism is the key to a modern look, and this applies to your swim sanctuary. Does this require full-on demolition days? Yes, but it is worth it. And if you have committed to the overhaul, the renovation offers the perfect opportunity to add a vanishing edge. This effect is often referred to as an infinity pool. The trend has been around for a while, but it doesn’t look like it’s going out any time soon.

Water Features That Wow

Not ready for a complete overhaul? Add some water features to spice things up without turning them upside down. Cascade fountains affixed to the side of the pool create inviting liquid archways and, depending on the type of fixture, are fairly easy to assemble. Waterfalls are always a fun option and are surprisingly versatile. If you’re limiting waterfalls to water pouring over meticulously piled stones, think again. Go for an industrial look by adding columns with small spillways. The options are endless and can be as easy or advanced as you make them.

Seats to Beat The Heat

Sunscreen up, because tanning ledges are the best new way to take a quick dip without getting your hair wet. Tanning ledges are level, shallow ends of the pool that are generally no more than shin deep. In pools with tanning ledges, you access the deeper water rather abruptly by descending steps, rather than a traditional slope of most household pools. While it’s great for lounging, these pools don’t offer much of a middle ground. If you still prefer the gradual depth increase but enjoy the option of sitting in the shallows, opt for a beach entry. This, as the title implies, mimics a beach. The shallow water comes all the way up to the edge of the pool. You can simply walk in and keep walking just as you would at the beach – without worrying about steps. Set up a large umbrella for the full effect.