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Nice To Go Natural

Jul 30, 2018 09:00AM ● By Maleesa Johnson
Many of us ripped the wood paneling off our walls a decade or two ago. Or, in the case of newer homes, the interior has only ever seen hardwood on its floors. No matter the age of your home, a few natural wood highlights can go a long way. Here is a look at ways you can add timber and make it timeless.

Beaming With Style 

Solid, heavy and majestic, bare wood beams can add a modernized touch to the topmost part of your home’s interior. While they may appear to be aiding a home’s structural integrity, some beams are purely for decoration. If you have high, vaulted ceilings, these accents are the perfect way to add to an otherwise empty space. Here’s the best part: The options are endless. You can choose the type of wood, the stain, the shape, the size and almost anything else you imagine. For a rustic look, consider driftwood beams. Are you on a budget? Try faux beams. These look-alikes are hollowed out in the center and can give your renovation budget some breathing room.

Scoot Over, Shiplap

Erase that 1970s image of a den darkened by wood paneling. There is a way to use natural wood to modernize your home. No, we aren’t talking about shiplap – the grooved wood siding made popular by multiple television programs. Natural wood accent walls are starting to trend. As with almost every modern look, moderation is key. Don’t cover an entire room or you’ll find yourself the victim of flashbacks. Simply find a little nook or smaller wall to adorn with the lumber paneling in the stain of your choice. It will add a cozy flair without taking you back to yesteryear.

Craftsmanship At Its Finest

Perhaps the easiest way to introduce natural accents into your home is through furniture. For years, we’ve been painting over the likes of oak and pine, overlooking the beauty of what nature gave us. Lately, however, there has been a shift toward authenticity in interior design. Stunning raw wood pieces, such as coffee tables or even armoires, can be particularly eye-catching in a room. And don’t think that in lacking a coat of paint that furniture lacks a distinct theme. Quality pieces will highlight pitch flecks and other natural characteristics in the lumber that truly make it unique. Remember, you don’t have to buy out an artisan woodworker’s inventory. For accent pieces, less is more.