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Southlake Style

Innovative Ice Cream

Nov 01, 2018 10:49AM ● By Ashley Madonna

The coolest way to enjoy ice cream is landing in Southlake this month. Creamistry, a made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream shop, is disrupting the sweets scene with its engaging production value and creamy flavors. Each scoop is handcrafted using the freshest ingredients to create a standout dessert. And with more than 60 flavors and toppings, guests can design new desserts with each visit.

For those who haven’t visited one of Creamistry’s three other DFW locations, come prepared for a chilling experience. The customized treats transform before patrons’ eyes when their trained team adds the -321-degree liquid nitrogen into the mix.

While it produces quite the spectacle, filling the store with an enchanting fog that excites kids and adults alike, the desperately cold product is actually used to create a creamier dessert by instantly freezing all of its ingredients in a mixing bowl. It gives the ice cream its rich flavor and velvety texture. 

While some may be skeptical of this process, Creamistry’s team assures fans that their sweets are totally safe to eat. The finished ice cream has no liquid nitrogen in it, so you can sit back and relax knowing there is no threat of a possible health hazard.

“With our ice cream and process, we ensure that all the nitrogen is evaporated from the ice cream before serving the customer,” DFW franchise owner Aamir Rajani explains. “The customers can also see this while we are making it. We have an extra mixing process before scooping the ice cream that will get rid of all the nitrogen in the ice cream, making our product completely safe to consume.” 

Ice cream lovers have an array of decisions to make to create their one-of-a-kind treat. First, they choose their dessert of choice – regular ice cream, a Nitroshake or an ice cream sandwich – and the base they want to enjoy. Creamistry offers a signature mixture as well as organic, non-dairy and vegan options for those who may have dietary restrictions. Then, customers choose their favorite flavor. The selections range from classics like vanilla and chocolate to more unexpected offerings like matcha green tea, birthday cake and cereals. 

“My personal favorite has always been the Fruity Pebbles ice cream,” Rajani says. “Our cereal ice creams really set us apart from other ice cream stores. It literally tastes like you’re eating a frozen bowl of cereal.”

Finish your creation with a few toppings, including an assortment of candies, nuts or sauces, or upgrade your scoop with a waffle, brownie or chocolate bowl. No matter what path you choose, the end result is the same: A dessert that will make you smile.