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Southlake Style

Cinematic Sanctuary

Nov 26, 2018 01:48PM ● By Maleesa Johnson
Home theaters are a fun way to escape into fantasy, without leaving the house. The room immerses you in a cinematic experience that you didn’t even have to put shoes on for. Does it get any better than that? Most home theater articles will tell you what TV to buy or what sound system to install. As always, we’re here for the aesthetics. Sure, the room is usually dark, but that only gives you more freedom to make bold decor choices.
Go Bright
When you go to a theater, have you ever paid attention to the wall color? Our guess is probably not. You’re there to see a movie, not to gather interior design inspiration. The difference with a home theater is, well, it’s in your house. If you have a strong color scheme through your home, carry that into your home theater. If your style is more free-flowing, use this room as an opportunity to express your more daring side. Have you always loved bright red walls but feel like they overwhelm common living areas? Turn your home theater scarlet! Who knows? You may love the bold look so much that you start watching movies with the lights on.
Recline Like Royalty
Second to the screen, seating is arguably the most important feature in a theater. Outside of the home, there is a growing trend of recliners at cinemas. Don’t let your big screen sanctuary be outdone: Put a strong emphasis on premier chairs. If you are more comfortable curled up on a sofa, feel free to mix in a variety of seating. Keep in mind that a lot of snacking will take place in this room, so consider furniture fabrics that are resilient in the face of popcorn butter.
Set The Stage
If you love a room with a strong theme, there is no better place to exercise this than in your home theater. Pick one of your favorite movies or TV shows and decorate with accents reminiscent of the characters or their setting. For example, superhero themes leave you with endless possibilities, from wall décor to chair color. A bright red leather recliner could easily be turned into an homage to one of your favorite, brightly adorned protectors. Perhaps you’re more of a cinematic history buff. Decorate the home theater with antique film reels and movie posters from the classical Hollywood era. Stay true to what you love, and the room will be sure to shine.