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Four New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To

Dec 06, 2018 03:07PM ● By Ashley Madonna
How many years of vowing to work out do we have to go through until we stop torturing ourselves? This year, we are promising ourselves that we are sticking to our New Year’s resolutions by making them things we hope to prioritize in the future. Here are a few ideas that you can actually stick to in 2019.
Make Time For Loved Ones
Whether it’s date night once a week or taking your kids out for a fun activity once a month, it’s important to make time for your loved ones. We hope to make that a little easier by planning out a few date nights you can tackle in 2019 and offering up suggestions for weekend family-friendly activities.
Explore More Of The Bubble
We all have our favorite restaurants and shops, but it’s important to try out new businesses as they open and become a part of the local scene. Whether it is stopping into a new local eatery or browsing at a mom and pop boutique, get out there and explore more of the Southlake bubble. Each of these new ventures helps grow up our town and make our city a better place to live.
Learn A New Skill
There are so many great stores around town that help locals build out their skills. If you want to up your cooking game, a quick trip to Sur La Table is a necessity. For a bolder new skill, the yoga studio. offers aerial yoga classes – like “jump in a hammock and become a cirque ol le performer" yoga. Our team did it as a bonding experience a few months back, and we still laugh about how fun it was to see what all of our coworkers were able to do.
Get Involved In Town
You may be swamped with work and your kids’ extracurricular, but giving back always does fill you more than you can ever give. It doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment. If you are already an avid runner, sign up for one of the many local 5Ks that come to town. Or if you are passionate about a local cause, ask them how you can best give to their cause. You may even want to volunteer for the city to help put on all of its great events – like Art in the Square and Oktoberfest. No matter where you give your time and effort, you can make a difference.