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Carroll Medical Academy Awards Scholarships

The 2012 Carroll Medical Academy Awards Banquet enjoyed record attendance at its May 5th celebration. Held at the DFW Hilton, ten graduating seniors...

An American Icon

The 60s marked a time in history when a new generation was being shaped by rapid changes in the world around them. Cultural and political revolutions took place that are still indelibly etched in our...

Southlake's Property Brothers

Southlake’s Property Brothers- James and Donny Anderson learned the art of construction at the hands of a master, their dad, who spent his entire career building custom homes in and around Southlake. “My dad started me at the bottom, and I had to work my way up,” James says. Younger brother Donny recalls...

Stay or Go?

According to the U.S. Census, 4 million babies are born each year. To put this into perspective, in our country a baby is born every ten seconds. By the time you finish reading this paragraph...

Sublaxation - The Silent Killer

What is health? When posed this question, most people say health is “feeling good.” Well? Is a person healthy if they felt fine one moment and in the next moment had a heart attack?

For the Jazzy Mom

For the Jazzy Mom

May is for Momisms

Do you remember all the sayings your mom had handy for every occasion? They are called Momisms and every mother throughout the history of mothers has a favorite quote or a special statement to teach a lesson to her children. At times...

Summer is Here - Are You Ready?

Can you believe it’s nearly summer time? The kids will be out of school and many of us will be acting on those fun summer plans that we made earlier this year. Other folks whose summer will be busy include members of the Public Works Department and the Department of Public Safety’s Office of Emergency Management. This month I want talk with you about their efforts as we head into the hottest time of year.

2012 Relay for Life

I once heard someone ask is 12 years a long time? Well, is it? How we look at life depends on the view or lens we use. Twelve years is equal to 4,380 days, 105,120 hours and 6.3 million minutes. To some, 12 years may not seem like a long time, but 6.3 million minutes sounds like an eternity.

Dragon Alumni Entertain at Relay for Life

As a side note to the feature on Relay for Life in our current May issue of Southlake Style, here’s an update about some of the exciting activities going on throughout the night as thousands...

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