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Southlake Style

I Used to be Cool

Fourteen. It’s a mystical number. That’s how many birthdays it’s taken our daughter (in her mind) to become...

School's Out! Okay, Now What?

Did you hear that? Yep- that was the sound of the final bell to dismiss classes for summer vacation! Yippee!

Kicking Stress to the Curb

Face it folks. Stress will find you. It doesn’t matter how many chai lattes you sit and sip while listening to the latest single by Norah Jones.

Family Fun

I just checked the dictionary for “fun!” Merriam-Webster defines “fun” this way: “What provides amusement or enjoyment.” I also searched for “fun” synonyms. Among the ones I found —“delight, distraction, pleasure and recreation.” And guess what?

Organized Chaos...

I like to fold the clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer. Nobody else at my house shares this little affinity of mine. My husband thinks a major rule in life is to replace the cap on the tube of toothpaste after using...

In the News - Reporter Dionne Anglin

“I’ve chased hurricanes and politicians, covered crime and corruption and my share of parades,” says FOX 4 News Reporter Dionne Anglin who knows one thing never changes; “people are always hungry for up to the minute news.”

The Best Holiday Starts with the Best Mom

I didn’t need anything or anybody… except the kind woman whose gifted hands were so soothingly handling my tired feet.

A Valuable Lesson

It happens when I’m driving. Never fails. So when it does, I just let out a little chuckle as I’m reminded of how I came by the simplest yet most