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Southlake Style

Kenny Do It Again?

October 1st, 2010 – Kenny Hill, then a sophomore made his first ever start for Southlake Carroll. No small feat considering the lineage of signal callers whose collective pictures line the halls of the Dragons’ indoor facility...

The Road to 2030

Do you know exactly what exactly you’ll be doing in the year 2030? Many of us (including me) may not be able to answer that question. But I can tell you with a fair amount of accuracy what the City of Southlake will look like.

Seventh Heaven

When Clayton Reed’s oldest son, Jack, turned nine a few years back Clay realized that the days remaining with his firstborn under the family roof were numbered and the time was quickly approaching when his oldest child would head out into the world. As a busy executive...

The Art of Giving

More than 25 years ago, a small group of women got together to plan a get-acquainted coffee in an effort to meet other like-minded women in their community. The initial gathering of forty ladies set the stage for an organization that has blossomed into a thriving charitable group of nearly 150 women.