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Southlake Style

Editor's Picks Events: Cheer Clinic, Sweetheart Wine Tours and More!

With the extended holiday weekend, we've got your agenda covered with some great events to attend. Check out our favorites in and around Southlake.

High Aspirations

When I accepted the position as general manager for Patrizio Osteria, I expected two things to happen: change and the “unexpected.”

Labels Versus Price

Here is one of my pet peeves in wine: The wine prices of the major labels versus the quality of the juice. As a collector and...

Where do I buy wine?

The days of the boutique liquor stores are coming to a rapid end with the ever present industrialization of the mega retail experience. Gone are the days of going...

The Wines of Grapevine

When you think of Texas you think of Texas Longhorns (the football team and the animal), the Dallas Cowboys, oil wells, ten-gallon hats and cowboy boots but you may not think of wine. Well, you should.