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Precious Resources

By tina, Aug 05, 2013, Categories: In Print, Today

As temperatures rise during the summer months, our collective attention invariably turns to water — our most important...

Make Your Momma Proud

By tina, May 10, 2013, Categories: In Print, Today

It’s a simple act she performs even before her baby takes a first step and continues with an encouraging phrase offered before a nervous performance.

In Succession

By tina, Apr 22, 2013, Categories: In Print, Today

Hit a 100 mph fastball, bend it like Beckham or run a 4-minute mile — regardless of the sport, we admire athletes for their abilities to do what the rest of us deem impossible. In order to succeed, both professional and amateur athletes must...

Being an artist isn't easy....But it is the only way

By tina, Apr 02, 2013, Categories: In Print, Today

A few weeks ago, a hero of mine, Seth Godin, came to Dallas for a charitable event put on by the Dallas Social Venture Partners. That morning, I was part of a small group assembled at the Wyly Theatre to listen to the best-selling author...

It Won't Happen to Me...

By tina, Mar 04, 2013, Categories: In Print, Today

I have to admit, I’ve led a fortunate existence up until this point. For 37 years and counting, it’s been a very good run — for which I’m thankful. I’ve yet to spend more than one night in a hospital. Just as fortunate are those close to me who...

More of Me to Love

By tina, Feb 04, 2013, Categories: In Print, Today

We all know that diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend. However, for many ladies in the area, the question of what to get the man in their life this Valentine’s Day is still up in the air.

What's On Your T-Shirt?

By tina, Jan 04, 2013, Categories: In Print, Today

Get in shape, get organized, and spend more time with family are three of the top ten New Years resolutions made by Americans in 2012, according to a University of Scranton study recently published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology.
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