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830 Parker Square Road
Flower Mound, TX 75028

(972) 410-5297

Founded 2015

ABC-Pediatrics is dedicated to serving children and families affected by autism spectrum disorder and other neurodevelopmental diagnosis.The support we provide includes areas that have the most influence on day-to-day living, language, learning, and behavior.

Research shows that children succeed best when they are actively engaged in enjoyable hands-on experiences. Therefore, our therapy program is designed to be interactive, with an emphasis on positive reinforcement. We strive to provide interactions in an enjoyable, nurturing and encouraging environment.

We understand that you are the most important person in your child’s life. As such, you are in the best position to help them develop and reach their highest level of independence. Our therapy program includes a variety of evidence-based practices that you can integrate into your daily routines at home. These methods will promote and support your child’s optimal development.


ABC-Pediatrics is the most incredible experience of my life, short of the birth of my children and I can’t recommend it highly enough for any parent. The love and honor that pervades every aspect of this program is truly inspiring. The teachers are amazing and you feel like they would love nothing more in life than to meet and help your special child. ABC truly engages the whole family in the Journey . Before we came to ABC-Pediatrics my family was to the point of giving up and today we are Thriving . I can not stress this enough for my Children this is the most wonderful place on Earth .

May 03, 2017

ABC Pediatrics has been a such a blessing and an honor to attend over the last year and a half. The comprehensive approach with multidisciplinary therapies has made such a positive impact on my son's and our family's lives. We have been to multiple therapy centers throughout the DFW metroplex within the last 5 years, and ABC Pediatrics exceeds all expectations! ABC Pediatrics and staff are professional, caring and compassionate. Communication and support goes far beyond the child but flows into the family. ABC Pediatrics understands that therapy and the support needed for our special children does not end at the door of the center, but is needed in the community and in the home. I highly recommend ABC Pediatrics for all therapy needs! They are truly one of a kind!

May 07, 2017