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Southlake Style

Hat Creek Realty, TYLER NEW

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101 Clariden Ranch Road
Southlake, TX 76092

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4 Reviews Write Review

I heard of Tyler's profound experience in selling luxury homes and knew that my unique home would require out of the box marketing. Once I interviewed him I instantly knew he displayed the kind of ideas and financial ability to market my estate. He was professional, timely, and delivered as promised.

October 28, 2013

Tyler's services were so over the top; he not only had me find my dream home in a day but also had my mother in her dream home the next week. Tyler is able to sense out what his client is searching for in home. Then he is so knowledgable about the market he is able to exactly match the clients style to a particular style of home. He held my mother's and I's hand through the entire process of purchasing our homes. He did basically everything for us so at the closing all we had to do was show up and sign. My mother and I are both "high maintenance" clients and Tyler knew exactly how to relate to us and make us feel confident with our purchases. He did everything it took to make sure I got the house of my dreams. Three months later Tyler is still wanting to assist us in anything in regards to our homes even though this is not what's expected of him. Tyler has a great positive spirit and will do whatever it takes to ensure his clients are very happy!

October 28, 2013

Tyler and Hat Creek Realty displayed way more energy and professionalism than any other large brokerage we met with. He was willing to significantly invest in marketing our home!! Southlake will soon know his name!

October 29, 2013

I am 42 years old and this is the second online review I've written, so obviously I feel very compelled to write this review. I have been a Southlake resident for 7 years and have owned land in Southlake since 1994 through my family. I hate to write this type of review because oftentimes it's perceived as a combative reaction to a bad experience. On the other hand, there is a small chance that it serves the reader in educating her about what to look for in a realtor and what to avoid. My transaction with Tyler started in March 2016 when my family and I viewed a spec home on a street that was developed and built by Maykus Custom Homes. While I have no hard feelings towards Maykus, I unfortunately had to deal with Tyler as he was Maykus's exclusive representative on this property and continues to be the exclusive sales agent for all their properties. Who Maykus chooses to employ is not my business, but when that person behaves in an unprofessional and abrasive manner then I feel obliged to make it aware to my community that I love and respect. While I don't want to go into the deals of the property address and transaction specifics, I want to provide an overall caption of what transpired and more so of how Tyler behaved throughout. The transaction was that I would purchase the Maykus home he's selling and one of his "investors" would buy my current home. He showed it to his investor and the investor's family and we all agreed on the numbers and so the transaction began. Since this was not a typical single transaction, it was expected that things would get more complicated. They did and nevertheless both his investor and I fulfilled our obligations and in fact we became friends. Tyler, on the other hand, began by being cordial with "buddy" this and "buddy" that as though we had been life-long friends. I didn't mind it and found it actually refreshing. As we got more into the transaction and throughout the complicated process, his texts and emails were abrasive, unprofessional, and sometimes harsh and rude. When I made him aware, he combated me rather than being respectful. He represented me on both the sale of my home and the purchase of the Maykus home so in my opinion, I would have expected him to be mindful but he was not. I emailed Maykus and stated my concerns however there was no response to my email and Tyler further made it a point to tell me "your email didn't get you anywhere". I have become close with four of my neighbors on the street who all had to purchase their homes from Tyler. Each one of them expressed to me the same perception and one even called him an overgrown frat boy! I thought that was a clever and rather accurate description of Tyler. This is Southlake and we all take pride in living here and being part of this community for our family and our children. Being part of this community begins with how we get here, so please do yourself a favor and work with a true realtor in order to mitigate any negative experience with becoming a Southlake resident. Fortunately, my family was already part of Southlake since Tyler was still in diapers so he did not leave me with a bad sentiment towards the community. I am not sure why Maykus continues to have Tyler represent him and I can only hope that it's due to a family or friendship connection. If that's the case, then I applaud Maykus for taking such kindness to an otherwise inept and completely unfit so-called realtor.

July 17, 2016