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Southlake Style

Life's Medicine

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700 E Southlake Blvd
Suite 130
Southlake, TX 76092

(817) 328-0331

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I have rhemitoid arthritis and I go to life's medicine for the cryo therapy I did shop around and try other places but the ladies up front are amazing and just so welcoming and the doc on site when she sees me she lets me know about the latest and greatest for my RA which I want to try. Cryo therapy has hanged my life the day I went in there my doc drained 3 things full of fluid it measured 44685 ml of fluid on one knee this is to show you how bad my RA is.. I am also only 29.. After I started going there doing cryo I actually have pretty knees to look at I can go from a sitting to standing motion with ease I feel great and I love it idk if it's all the machine or the great conversation I have with the ladies while I cryo they always make me laugh and I'm sure that reduces stress as well.. I also tell everyone I know they should cryo..

July 18, 2016