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Life's Medicine

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700 E Southlake Blvd
Suite 130
Southlake, TX 76092

(817) 328-0331

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In the present-day medical world of complicated health plans, algorithms and packed daily patient dockets so physicians can make a living in healthcare, it is difficult to find a physician and staff who are competent and caring. Dr. Lopez is not only well-versed on medicine but she truly CARES about HELPING every single person she meets. While my husband was working through a frustrating year-long battle with back pain, Dr. Lopez was a true SUPERHERO to our family even though she was not my husband's physician at the time. Dr. Lopez was the first medical professional to HEAR me vice my concerns and frustrations with the lengthy road to pain relief because of our healthcare plan's policies and procedures. I had never been more frustrated with our healthcare system. As if the pain he suffered wasn't bad enough, no one seemed to HEAR or CARE what my husband's condition was doing to his quality of life, his job, the stress and burden on our family.... not that Dr. Lopez could help us by-pass all the boxes we had to check for insurance before outpatient surgery would get approved (which ultimately resulted in almost immediate pain relief) BUT what Dr. Lopez gave us the best remedy to get us through those dark days - an ear to LISTEN to what we were going through, alternative approaches to help minimize the inflammation and severity of his pain while our health plan made a determination, a warm hug, words of encouragement and hope...Dr. Lopez made us feel important and not just a patient ID on a chart. And I was her patient not my husband! But because she and her staff care about HELPING OTHERS and recognize the importance and value of taking an holistic approach, she recognized there was more to treating my hypothyroidism than writing a prescription and scurrying me out the door. She educated us on the physical, mental and emotional impact of both chronic pain and hypothyroidism and assured us once both were under control life would get better for ALL of us! Dr. Lopez and the Life's Medicine team use their ears, minds and hearts to help patients live their BEST LIFE. Our family, like most, rely on health insurance to alleviate medical care costs. However if you put pen to paper and compared out-of-pocket costs with Life's Medicine vs. a Group Health Network, I bet Life's Medicine would end up costing less $ in the long run. It will definitely save you the time and frustration of the alternative. At LM, you are more than a patient ID # or a revenue source and you will be on the road to a HEALTHIER HAPPIER life much faster than any health plan protocol dictates!

July 19, 2016