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Thomas & Sharon Michael | DFW Elite Realty

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950 E. State Hwy 114
Suite 160
Southlake, TX 76092

(817) 807-6555

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42 Reviews Write Review

Sharon and Thomas help us on two occasions, once as a buyer and again as a seller. We've move 5 times in the past and working with the Michaels is hands down the best experience yet. We are all looking for that team that "knows your market." The location, homes, inventory (even before it goes live), pricing, value, ... No one and I mean no one knows the Southlake market better than Thomas and Sharon. No one will work harder for you. They are a true partner.

October 28, 2018

Thomas and Sharon were fantastic to work with. I had a very sudden change in life and they made the process of selling my home very easy for me, considering I was a few states away! From start to finish it was seamless and as guaranteed by them both very quick with me receiving multiple offers! They are a wonderful team to have on your side. I wouldn't use anyone else.

October 18, 2018

Thomas and Sharon not only sold our Timarron house for a record per sq ft price, they then helped us buy our new home (also in Timarron). In terms of a team, these two are simply outstanding. The attention to detail and the total commitment to the client to get the deal done are without question the best I have ever encountered. If I had to sell or buy again, then these are the only people I would call.

October 17, 2018

When I first met Thomas and Sharon Michael in 2012, they explained to me their job was more than just sales... they discussed the importance of their client's experience. Now having bought and sold 3 properties with them (the last sell being August of 2018), I see the exceptional level of service they provide and I would never consider other representation. Their deep knowledge of the real estate industry and incredible span and understanding of this market is like no other realtor in DFW. And if their knowledge and the service were not enough, their ability to market your home is bar none. They were able to get the highest price per square foot ever in 2 of my 3 homes sells (in their respective sub-divisions). Thomas and Sharon's unique ability of personalizing your buying and selling experience through truly listening and understanding your needs and their market analysis and analytics will create an incredible experience for their buyers and seller every time. If you are looking to buy or sell your home, I highly encourage you to utilize this power house team.

October 17, 2018

Earlier this year, my wife and I decided to sell our house in Colleyville and look for a new home in the Colleyville/Southlake area. Naturally, we were only willing to trust our purchase and sale to the most qualified and capable agents we could find. And while Northeast Tarrant County has an abundance of great real estate professionals, Thomas and Sharon Michael stood out. Each is exceptionally gifted in their respective area of expertise: Thomas, as a seller’s agent, and Sharon, as a buyer's agent. Thomas assisted us in selling our home, and could not have been a better or more effective agent. The end result speaks for itself: multiple strong offers, from qualified buyers, in a single day. But the complete representation was even more impressive than its outstanding conclusion. Thomas quickly and correctly: (i) evaluated the market for our home and developed a compelling sales strategy; (ii) counseled us in preparing our home (and ourselves) for the market, and; (iii) assisted us through the offer selection process, inspection, negotiations and close. I have plenty to worry about in my life, and Thomas somehow turned the sale of my home into a hassle-free affair. Sharon provided us with the same exceptional service and results. Sharon understands how valuable your time is. This is not merely a cliché; Sharon spent a great deal of time not only discussing our home selection criteria with us, but looking at our existing home, getting to know our tastes and preferences, and even talking to our kids – all so that she could target only those properties that met our complex criteria, and had a high probability of satisfaction for our family. Her strategy and effort paid off: we purchased the third home that we viewed. Sharon's high level of attention to her clients did not end there, as Sharon insisted that we look at additional homes - so that we would know we made the correct decision! Moreover, as with many real estate transactions, we had some difficult negotiations. Sharon counseled us through the process with great skill, tact and ability. We couldn’t have done it without her. In the end, my wife and I sold our home, and purchased a new home, in what seemed like days. We are, of course, extraordinarily happy with both our new home. But we are just as happy with how seamlessly and effortlessly it all happened. We are so grateful that we chose Thomas and Sharon Michael to guide us through this important milestone in our lives, and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks, guys. Robert R. Wood, Jr. Sarah Campbell-Wood Colleyville, TX

October 18, 2013

Having relocated and used many realtors over the past 2 decades, we can say with certainty that Thomas Michael was by far the best realtor to do business with. Our experience selling our home with Thomas surpassed our expectations. It goes without saying that selling your home is a stressful experience, and Thomas' approach put our minds at ease from the very first day. He has years of experience behind him, and he puts every bit of that experience to use. His work ethic is exceptional, from Day One to closing and beyond. We call him our realtor, but more importantly, now we call him and his wife, Sharon, our friends.

October 19, 2013

Relocating to a new state is never easy. We began researching our new area at least a year before our move. We noticed Thomas Michael's name come up numerous times in our search and decided to contact him. From the beginning, he was very professional and friendly. We explained that our relocation would be within the next 12 months. Thomas continued to stay in contact with us during that year, providing us with market updates, as well as school information for our daughter. When it was time to come for a visit to look for our new home, we met with Sharon Michael and immediately received the same professionalism and friendly reception. With Sharon's continued and ongoing support, we found a home very quickly. The Michael's knowledge and expertise proved to be invaluable to us and made our relocation a seamless experience. They truly go above and beyond to make sure their clients are satisfied. They are the BEST!

October 19, 2013

As a picky home buyer, my recent purchase process lasted from Feb thru the end of May, we looked at probably more than 100 homes. Sharon even made me feel owing her soothing after all these because she not only tried everything to accommodate all of our needs but also reached some many extra miles to sincerely think the best interests of mine. She is extremely patient with me and provided so much guidance so that we could gain enough knowledge before making our decision. I felt being treated like her brother. She is understanding, caring and professional, in return, I trust her like my own sister. As matter of fact, she has helped our transition in many other ways and areas too. My family all love Sharon, she is not only a good RE agent, ultimately she is such a good and trustworthy person. I think that absolutely differentiates her from others. I recommended her to any of my friends who have the home purchase needs.

October 19, 2013

We have purchased 2 homes and sold 1 home with Thomas and Sharon's help. They are true professionals and have their clients best interest as a priority. Thier ethics are reflected in every transaction they are a part of. The experience they bring to the table has benefited us several times when someone with less experience probably would not have given the same advise. Not only have Thomas and Sharon sold us on thier service and the homes they have found for us but they have also sold us on the DFW area which we love so much!

October 21, 2013

Thomas and Sharon of DFW Elite Group. How can I ever express the relief I felt after two and a half years of marketing my house when I received a call from you. Your assertive tone was simply, "I can take care of this for you, and it will be done in a timely manner". Period. And that was so true. The fact you never doubted for a moment and gave me the assurance you would "handle" the difficult position I was in allowed me to finally put a positive perspective on how the situation should and would be handled. You couldn't have arrived in Texas at a better time. Now home owners who need the kind of personal support, respect and an effective ending that you and your agency can provide, will be provided with just that service. You and your team have been able to take a huge load off my mind with your knowledge and expertise. From beginning to end, professionalism at its best!

October 22, 2013

Having read all the lengthy glowing raves for Sharon I was going with something that was less wordy. "Short and Sweet, She can't be Beat ! But I must say she is everything that has been written about her and even so much more. All she wants is for her clients to find just the right house for them and works hard for that end. In the process you find a caring professional with wisdom and patience in all situations. Thank you just isn't strong enough. Lee and John Harding

October 25, 2013

Thomas and Sharon of DFW Elite Group. How can I ever express the relief I felt after two and a half years of marketing my house when I received a call from you. Your assertive tone was simply, "I can take care of this for you, and it will be done in a timely manner". Period. And that was so true. The fact you never doubted for a moment and gave me the assurance you would "handle" the difficult position I was in allowed me to finally put a positive perspective on how the situation should and would be handled. You couldn't have arrived in Texas at a better time. Now home owners who need the kind of personal support, respect and an effective ending that you and your agency can provide, will be provided with just that service. You and your team have been able to take a huge load off my mind with your knowledge and expertise. From beginning to end, professionalism at its best! Cheryl M. Terry

October 25, 2013

You will not find realtors that are more professional and tenacious than Thomas and Sharon Michael. They were tireless in their desire to help us find the right home in Southlake. Unlike many realtors who try to reduce your transaction to a formula, they are experts in understanding the vision of their clients and matching that vision to what is available in the market. During our search, Sharon and Thomas perfectly managed our expectations about what was happening in the very active summer market and helped us understand the pros and cons of every house we looked at. I can say for certain, we would not have found let alone gotten a contract on the home we purchased if Sharon wasn’t going the extra mile every single day to find OUR house. During an overly difficult negotiation and closing Sharon was a warrior who kept fighting on our behalf at every turn and yet every day when we checked in, she still had the same cheerful demeanor of someone doing the work they were meant to do.

November 11, 2013

It was a wonderful experience with Thomas & Sharon Michael, we are totally new to Texas as we recently moved here and never thought buying a home would be so smooth and wonderful experience. Thomas & Sharon Michael were so helpful getting us familiar with everything we needed to know about the location, and the requirements for our family. And they were very helpful in accommodating some logistics when I was away from home during the home purchase phase. This was our first home and Thomas & Sharon Michael were very helpful in getting our thousands of questions answered with patience. Overall it was a wonderful experience buying a home with Thomas & Sharon Michael. Now they are not just our Realtor, they our friends and go to persons for any questions we come across. A big thank you from our family and we are really enjoying our new home! - Syam Maddimsetty

December 18, 2013

Thomas and Sharon, Your Knowledge, Responsiveness and Professionalism were keys to making my house sell so quickly. Excellent job and Thank You! Scott Roberts

October 18, 2014

Thomas and Sharon helped us get the new home that was perfect for us. They went above and beyond to help us secure the house we wanted (with difficult circumstances in a tight market). They were also so helpful in selling our current home for top dollar and helping with all the details. Would you use them both again!

September 02, 2014

We are more than pleased with Sharon and Thomas Michael. They are more than real estate agents. They are superior service providers and outstanding people. We each have spent more than four decades in the service sector and we know excellence when we see it. We lost 90 days of a prime selling period because we chose the wrong realtor. We became discouraged and concerned about the prospects of selling our home. When we hired Thomas and Sharon as our agents, they re-kindled our enthusiasm. Their marketing and differentiation approaches began to change things for us immediately. We gained confidence and knew they would sell our home. And in short order, it happened! What distinguishes Thomas and Sharon is their desire to be magnificent teachers. They make the time to educate people who cross their path. They do not simply strive to get their sign in the yard and then let things take care of themselves. They go out of their way bring energy and passion to the real estate process. They take it out of the realm of the mundane and into the realm of excitement. Indeed, they know that little things make huge differences. We can sight numerous and specific examples of the positive experiences they provided us in regard to selling our home. We would be more than happy to share more details with you and about Sharon and Thomas. If you wish more information about their superior approach to the real estate market in your area, please do not hesitate to ask for our number. We will definitely respond. Mark and Verle Towers Southlake, TX

October 16, 2014

Thomas and Sharon, Your Knowledge, Responsiveness and Professionalism were keys to making my house sell so quickly. Excellent job and Thank You! Scott Roberts

October 18, 2014

I met Sharon at an open house on a Sunday. My first Impression, made of course in the first 7 seconds of our meet, was a very genuine and fun personality. She had a great smile on her face as we met and continued to smile as we made a fun conversation. She asked about our wants and needs for our new house. Since it was easy to open up with her i personally gave my details about my current situation. She spent over an hour with me asking questions of exactly what i was looking for in a new home. As we continued our conversation she meet and greeted other home buying prospects during this time. I was impressed by her professionalism and how much she listened about my personal needs and wants during this time. Sharon is a wonderful Realtor who shows how much she loves her job. Not only does she care about you as a person, she is driven by heart to get you exactly what you want in a house & neighborhood. She stayed in contact with me throughout my whole process of buying and negotiating during the contracts. when i decided not to buy at that time, she continued to help me find a rent house for us. And still was able to meet all my needs and wants in the rent house. i was happy to be working with someone who cared more about me than her commission. After 6 mos i decided to buy my house and of course called on Sharon to find the right home for us. as anyone knows during this process it is an emotional and physically draining experience. Sharon made the whole process easy and worry free. She gracefully negotiated my asking price and even requested more than what i asked for from the sellers. she knows her business and the market enough to win my offers. She exceeded my expectations by stepping in the financing part as well to help me get my documents needed for the final approval. She made phone calls for me when i was extremely busy at work to complete the financing process to meet our closing date, i have experienced other Realtors in the past to know i was working with a caring professional. Sharon is DRIVEN BY HEART and really cares about your personal needs. it did not take long to find the home of my dreams and of course Sharon negotiated a winning bid for me when there was another offer on the table. She did not stop searching for my home until i found exactly what i was looking for. She was never too busy to talk to me during this whole process. even when she was out with her family she still took my calls and answered all my questions. i couldn't believe what an easy process this was and how she never got tired of showing me homes or answering all my questions. She always has a smile on her face and naturally makes you feel at ease. Sharon handles her business with style and grace as well as with a professional determination to satisfy your wants and needs. i found a realtor for life and a friend as well. She topped it off with an incredible house warming gift that was much needed. i felt i had the best home buying experience anyone could find in the DFW area. i refer her anytime anyone i know who is searching for that perfect house. Sharon will find it for you. i am so thankful for the DFW ELITE GROUP and what they bring to our community. Sharon and Michael have passion for greatness and it shows in their style of business. Sincerely, Brenda Casanova

October 23, 2014

Thomas and Sharon are exceptional realtors who have the rare ability to make your real estate transaction a pain free, pleasurable experience! Upon learning that our family would be relocating across country in less than 30 days for new job opportunity, my wife and I were more than a little nervous about the prospect of having to sell our house quickly or risk having it sit empty for a prolonged period of time. That being said, having a quality realtor who had a track record of successfully selling homes was a must. Thankfully, we had been introduced to Thomas and Sharon a year earlier and knew that if anyone could help us with our situation it was them. In our first meeting I was impressed with Thomas’s sincere desire to understand our needs and expectations, he was patient and thorough in his approach. Expecting to hear the worse, you can appreciate our surprise and excitement when Thomas laid out his plan of how he could sell our house quickly and for more than we thought we would even be able to list it for! Thomas communicated his plan to us in a clear and concise way that left us feeling reassured and confident in our decision to go with him as our realtor. That Great News is that little did we know Thomas would Deliver more than we could have ever imagined, not only did we receive offers, yet we were receiving multiple competing offers within weeks of listing our home! Thomas did a great job of helping us understand the benefits of each offer and assisted us in selecting the best offer; not only was the offer more than we originally thought we would be able to get, yet as importantly the closing went seamlessly in large part to Thomas’s ability to select the strongest offer. Needless to say, we were more than happy to refer our friends and family to Thomas and Sharon after our wonderful experience and to say they have made us look good is an understatement! Each experience has resulted in a successful purchase, sale, and/or sale and purchase for those that we trusted Thomas and Sharon with our recommendation. As a result, of our experience and those of the families that we have already referred to them, I am confident in giving my highest recommendation to Thomas and Sharon for your real estate needs! Sincerely, Jason Pelt

October 23, 2014

It was a wonderful experience with Thomas & Sharon Michael. We recenty moved here and were able to buy the house with-in 2 months, and all that credit goes to Sharon Michael, as she made it so smooth and a wonderful experience for us. Even though we were first time buyer, we never found it difficult, as Sharon helped us getting things familiar with everything locally and also about the schools & services required. It was a wonderful experience buying a home with Thomas & Sharon Michael. Now they are not only just our Realtor, they our friends and go to persons for any questions we come across. A big thank you from our family!! - Jaya & Satish

October 26, 2014

I am an affiliate in the real estate industry so when it comes to picking a real estate agent to represent me, I am very particular. I first met Sharon Michael over a year ago when she brought the buyers for my home in Timarron. I was thoroughly impressed with how well she represented her clients and how she negotiated on their behalf to get them the home they wanted at the best price. She is extremely detail-oriented and followed through every step of the way from contract to close. A year later I was faced with moving again and because I was so impressed with Sharon on my sale there was no question that I wanted Sharon to represent me for my purchase. One of the tings I love about Sharon is that she works really hard to find the right home for you not just any home. Sharon told me over and over again not to settle and write an offer on a home I didn't absolutely love. She was confident that if I was patient we would find the perfect home and we did. Sharon has a true passion for real estate and wants what's best for her clients even if it means slowing the process down a little bit. Once under contract, Sharon continued to exceed my expectations. The home we purchased was vacant and the seller lived out of town. She offered to go over and water the flowers and fill the pool for him a couple times a week if he couldn't get here to do it. Sharon met me at the home multiple times while we were under contract - once just because I wanted to get the measurement of a window. She always greets you with a warm smile and is just a pleasure to work with. She answers calls and texts at almost any hour and goes well above the call of duty. Having bought and sold many properties throughout the years there is no question that I will now only use Thomas and Sharon Michael for all my real estate needs.

October 28, 2014

We’ve bought and sold numerous homes over the years, and this is the first time we’ve ever encountered an agent on either side of the transaction that we would absolutely recommend to anyone without hesitation. Thomas was, in a word, awesome. Whether initial consultation, curb appeal and staging suggestions, the fantastic photos and marketing brochures, market expertise and pricing, or negotiation and ultimately to close - everything was smooth, professional, and went off without a hitch. Thomas works tirelessly for you, is always accessible day or night, and was a pleasure to work with along the way. If we ever have to buy or sell another home, there’s absolutely no question who we’d use.

May 03, 2015

We are so thankful to have found Sharon Michael to help us relocate and start our new lives together. We had exceptional circumstances throughout our efforts of relocating to Southlake and she has worked tirelessly to find us the perfect home that fits all of our needs. During our search, Sharon made herself available to us even at the most inconvenient times and was very receptive to our preferences--she was fantastic at sharing our vision, simplifying the process. She was also very instrumental in looking out for our best interest during closing negotiations and was proactive about particulars we had not even thought of. We genuinely felt that she was our biggest advocate and we appreciate all of her hard work to get us here! Nilesh and Jessica Patel Southlake, TX

May 22, 2015

Thomas worked with us to set our home up to sell for absolute top dollar. He provided reliable contacts for any work we needed to get done prior and clear advice on what would pay back and what should be left for the buyers. He actively marketed and sold our home quickly and at our absolute highest wished for price. He was friendly and professional all through the experience and gave us great advice. We would recommend him to anyone.

August 12, 2015

Sharon found us our new dream home and was of great help with the purchase process. She listened to our desires and worked hard to find us the perfect match to everyone's needs (including the kids). She made us feel like we were her only client. Thomas is a sales genius and got us 11 offers in 2 days for the sale of our old house. We sold the home for a record unit price for the neighborhood. My advice to any future clients -- listen and follow his home sale strategy and you will get the results.

August 13, 2015

Have sold over 6 homes for 1 million plus over the years and they made my life simple. No worries and they were there everyday the home was showed First rate realtors and great to work with.

September 28, 2015

We are so happy to work with Thomas and Sharon! It is an unbelievable experience! Our home was listed for sale by another agent for three months in the hottest selling season, but was not sold even after several price reductions. Then, we were so lucky that Thomas took it over, and he sold it even before listing it on MLS, at the full price!!! We just could not believe that we experienced this magic ourselves. Thomas is also extremely friendly, professional and super responsible! We can reach him at any time when we have questions, and he always responds with a big smile. Everything he did is for the best interests of his clients. As we had moved to another state, Thomas helped us take care of everything for the sale, repairing etc. The whole process is totally worry free when working with Thomas! We simply just could not describe how great Thomas is!!!

September 28, 2015

We cannot thank Thomas enough for the outstanding job that he did. I am confident that no other realtor could have provided us with the same level of professionalism and sound advice. He was was a true asset during a very stressful time.

September 29, 2015

It was such a pleasure working with both Thomas and Sharon throughout my home buying experience. Both were exceptionally knowledgeable, responsive, and courteous throughout the entire process. They are very professional and understand the intricate needs of their clients. I highly recommend this realtor team for anyone looking to buy, sell, or lease their home!

August 29, 2016

We worked with them and they exceeded our expectations. Sharon found us the absolute perfect house and Thomas sold ours at listed price. Highly recommend them.

December 28, 2015

Thomas got us on market with his full arsenal of years of expertise. We appreciated every bit of counsel for this market and he got the results we wanted: SOLD! We highly recommend Thomas and Sharon to all our friends who want the best possible selling or buying experience. Quality, skill, professionalism and results! Thanks, Thomas

August 27, 2016

Sharon made my home buying process so easy . She is very organized and on top of things to make the sale go smoothly She never failed to return a phone call promptly . I felt from the start i went with the right agent I am very happy I made contact with Sharon in less than a week I was in escrow finding the perfect house.

August 26, 2016

In such a crazy market, we were braced to loose the house of our dreams. But not if Sharon Michaels could help it! Thanks to Sharon's expertise and tenacity we are moved in and ready for a new school year-- exactly where we wanted to be. Thank you, Sharon, once again, for fighting to win!

August 27, 2016

Just a quick note on our experience with Sharon Michael. Without a doubt, with no tribulation, with no hesitation, Sharon is hands-down the best, most professional real estate agent we have ever had. Why? One, her experience in the industry is uncanny. No other agent we have had over 20 yrs comes remotely close. Two, her compassion and empathy toward her clients is unsurpassed. No matter how busy she is, how many clients she may have on any given day, she will always treat you as if you were her only client. Last, Sharon's personality is contagious. We've had our share of inexperienced, commission driven agents over the years or those which feign to put their client's best interests first, however, Sharon is the “real deal”. You can not, nor will not, go wrong in choosing Sharon Michael to represent you in a real estate decision.

September 14, 2016

Sharon is the best realtor anyone could have. She is very friendly, very frank and understanding, very efficient at what she does, very good at negotiating and very knowledgeable from her many years of experience. But her best quality as a realtor that struck a chord with us is that she is very patient. She had the patience to show us a number of houses before we chose our home. She had the patience to show us the disadvantages of certain homes that we as first time home buyers, had overlooked. She even had the patience to show us a home in the option period when we still could have changed our mind! We are enjoying our new home thanks to Ms Sharon :-) We gladly recommend her to our friends. She is the best realtor out there!

September 18, 2016

We enjoyed meeting and working with Sharon. She was very thorough, patient and always went above and beyond to look after our best interests. We highly recommend Sharon.

March 16, 2017

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience in selling our home then working with Thomas and Sharon Michael. Having sold a few homes over the years I was prepared for another painful process and more unfilled promises. Not the case with Thomas and Sharon, true professionals, market experts and great people. The attention to detail and respect for our home was comforting and genuine. If you are selling your home I highly recommend calling Thomas and Sharon, you won’t be disappointed. Frank and Christine McCafferty

May 02, 2017

When we arrived in Southlake 4 years ago, we met Sharon and Thomas in the neighborhood. Ever since I saw them in this small community, doing a great job buying and selling houses. This year when we needed to sell our house, I knew right away who I wanted to do the job. And even when my expectations were high, they exceeded them easily. We had a short period to sell the house and that was no problem for them The whole process was so smooth, the communication excellent. I could text every question and get an answer right away in 10 minutes (often even faster). They were so flexible that we got our house on the market within 2 weeks (including a week of renovating). Sharon helped with the staging of the house, Thomas did a perfect job marketing the house online, and sold it within 2 days. The paper work was always clear and fast. They are the perfect team to buy or sell your house. I highly recommend them, and I will definitely hire them again when we are back in this area.

May 31, 2017

My wife and I couldn't have had a better experience with Thomas and Sharon. At first, we were skeptical about using two different realtors during our process, but after listening to them and getting to know them, it made complete sense. Their personalities are no where near the same, but they both excel in the marketplace that they are in. Very responsive, attentive, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Even months after our closing, Sharon was answering the phone, texts and emails (all 80 of them!) because I had issues with my Home Warranty company. She helped me way after her job was done and we couldn't be more thankful! Very pleased with our experience with BOTH of them.

July 19, 2017

My husband and I had a fabulous experience with both Thomas and Sharon. Their knowledge and expertise is top notch. They made buying and selling process as smooth as possible. If you’re looking for savvy realtors and wonderful people, call Thomas and Sharon Michael.

November 04, 2017

Wow. I have never seen such a display of expertise and jaw-dropping customer service from a professional like this. We chose Thomas and Sharon to sell our home in The Dominion neighborhood and it took them all of a few hours. They took control of the situation that gave us comfort, confidence, and an unparalleled sense of trust that they had our interests in mind. From staging our house to fit the current buyer market to creating top-of the line marketing materials, they built the hype for our house before it even hit the market. We knew what we wanted to sell our house for, but Thomas knew our market and the process way better than we did. Instead of just nodding his head yes, he knew what was best for us, set our opening price and dates strategically, packed our open house with over 100 visitors, had an offer within 6 hours, 4 offers on the first day, and a counter-offer the following day for way over our asking price. This man knows how to create demand, start a bidding war, get you the most money possible for your house, and do it quickly so that you can move on with your life instead of having a long stressful process drag out. Especially with 4 kids at home, we needed this to be a quick process, and Thomas & Sharon exceeded our expectations, leaving us as very happy clients. He is fast to communicate, personable, experienced, knowledgeable, and above all, I feel like he really cares about me and my family. I highly recommend working with this team.

February 18, 2018