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Preventing Workplace Flu Outbreaks

Jan 15, 2018 ● By Dia

At this time of year, the flu virus is an ever-present threat.

Punch & Kick into 2018 with Title Boxing Club

Jan 05, 2018 ● By Dia

A limited time offer...

What You Need To Know About Stress Fractures

Jan 05, 2018 ● By Dia

Over time, low level impact from even everyday activities can cause a bone to develop painful injuries...

New Year's Eve & Autism: Preparing Your Child for the Countdown

Dec 20, 2017 ● By Dia

This time of the year brings about overwhelming sensory input, with sights and sounds that are often overbearing...

The Importance of Proper Posture in Children

Dec 18, 2017 ● By Dia

Several health issues come in the wake of poor posture and could lead to long-term problems that hamper your child's development...

Take On the LiveFit Wellness Challenge

Dec 18, 2017 ● By Dia

The City of Southlake hosts monthly health lectures to keep you up-to-date on the latest wellness topics...

What Is a Bunion and How Is it Treated

Dec 18, 2017 ● By Dia

The management of bunions has been non-surgical and surgical...

Bariatric Surgery Pre-Surgical Planning and Post-Surgical Care

Dec 15, 2017 ● By Dia

What to expect...

9 Tips to Prevent Sports Injuries

Dec 13, 2017 ● By Dia

Many runners and athletes have experienced the frustration of a sports injury in their foot or ankle

Toys That Promote Developmental Skills

Nov 29, 2017 ● By Dia

Toys can help to improve skills, confidence and overall development...
  • Celebrity Chefs 2018


    Mid Cities SOS presents an evening of culinary magic and chef's auction.

  • Mosaic Madness Sale!

    11:00AM — 07:00PM

    Receive great discounts on all mosaic projects every Monday in January! No reservations required...

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