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Improving Bad Posture

Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine celebrates April as National Occupational Therapy Month. If you could glance in a mirror right this instant, what would you see? Hunched shoulders or a straight back? If you’re like many Americans...

Parenting at less than 100 percent

This occupation known as parenting is a difficult and complex juggling act. One that’s hard enough to navigate when you have both parents present, healthy, and equally divvying up the workload. So, in families accustomed to sharing the work, when one of the parents gets sick or injured, it

Children's Medical Center Honored in Southlake

Children’s Medical Center’s Specialty Care Center in Southlake has been recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council as a LEED Certified healthcare facility under the new, more rigorous standards...

Why iRelay

My name is Pam Francis and iRelay. I participate in Relay For Life - Southlake. Relay is not only the American Cancer Society’s biggest fundraiser, it is also an incredibly moving experience as thousands of people join together at Carroll High School and

Revolution in Sunless Tanning

“I love to make my customers look and feel their best,” says Stacie, owner of Smart Bronze, “and give them that just off the beach color every time.” Stacie, a local resident, Southlake Chamber member, and mother is actively involved in

Spring Clean Your Diet

This year as you’re dusting off the bikes, washing the windows and sweeping out the garage, don’t neglect your kitchen. With longer days and nicer weather, spring is the perfect time to overhaul the contents of your cabinets, fridge...

Marvelous Magical Mom

Marvelous Magical Mom By Eric Houtman, 4th Grade, Old Union Elementary School Everyone has their reasons for saying, “Hey, my mom is the best,” but I’ve got the best reasons. A mom isn’t just someone who raises you, they help you in school, go to all your sports games, and don’t get mad when you’re having fun and you beat her in checkers.

Make Your Entrance!

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. That’s what my mom always said, anyway. Pile on the pressure. Just imagine how the entryway to your home must feel. It goes prime time every day when you open your front door. Whether it’s a friend popping by or just...

Is it Really Just Heartburn?

In 1977, as a young surgical resident, I was given an assignment to deliver a formal presentation to our entire faculty and all my fellow residents. My topic was cancer of the esophagus, which at that time...

Spinal Hygiene - Health Trend of the Future

Scientific research plays a huge role in providing change that ultimately advances our quality of life. For example, decades ago, infection was by far the leading cause of death. Yet, the general public did not grasp the concept of germs. They didn’t understand why...
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