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Breakthrough Device Offers Mobility to Stroke Victims

Dallas/Fort Worth stroke victims have a new reason to celebrate during National Stroke Awareness Month this May.

Do You Suffer from Irregular Menstrual Cycles?

If so you may be one of the 10-15% of reproductive aged women who have what are known medically as anovulatory cycles. Anovulation is a condition that results in...

Making Sense of the Mommy Makeover

Recently, the term mommy makeover has received a lot of media attention. While it sounds straightforward, most people aren’t even sure what it refers to. The confusion comes from the fact that the term doesn’t describe one surgical procedure...

Why Nasal Allergies Matter...

What is allergic rhinitis? It is the inflammation of the nasal passages, characterized by sneezing, nasal congestion, nasal itching, and runny nose. The eyes, ears, sinuses, and throat can also be involved. Often...

Best Company in Texas to Work for in Southlake

After coming close a few times, Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southlake (Texas Health Southlake) has won the top spot in the medium organization size category in the 2013 Best Companies to Work for in Texas awards program. This program was..

Sweet Relief for Allergies

All it takes is a quick look outside to see that spring has arrived. Bradford pear trees are covered with tiny white blooms, the grass is not only green but needs to be mowed, and many of us have itchy watery eyes and...

About that Thyroid

Tired all the time? Gaining weight for no apparent reason? Hair thinning? These exact symptoms lead many to have their thyroids tested, only to have the tests come back normal.

Choosing the Best Embryos

How does an embryologist select the best embryos for transfer? This is a question that I am routinely asked by patients undergoing IVF treatment. If an embryologist has...

Hair Bar Southlake Celebrates First Anniversary

The Hair Bar Southlake hosted “Diamonds and Dazzle” to celebrate their One-Year Anniversary on Wednesday, February 13, 2013.

Advances in Hair Loss Solutions

At least 35 million American men are bald and 50 percent of all men experience some degree of balding by age fifty. Until now only temporary topical solutions and invasive surgical solutions were available. More now than ever patients are...