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Local Doctors Weigh In On the Flu

Find out why this flu season has dragged on longer than year's past.

Colleyville Woman’s Club to Host 33rd Annual Fashion Benefit Luncheon

A catwalk for a cause!

How to Run with Proper Form

Running has its own risks due to the nature of the sport and the muscles and bones involved in the activity.

Preventing Workplace Flu Outbreaks

At this time of year, the flu virus is an ever-present threat.

Punch & Kick into 2018 with Title Boxing Club

A limited time offer...

What You Need To Know About Stress Fractures

Over time, low level impact from even everyday activities can cause a bone to develop painful injuries...

New Year's Eve & Autism: Preparing Your Child for the Countdown

This time of the year brings about overwhelming sensory input, with sights and sounds that are often overbearing...

The Importance of Proper Posture in Children

Several health issues come in the wake of poor posture and could lead to long-term problems that hamper your child's development...

Take On the LiveFit Wellness Challenge

The City of Southlake hosts monthly health lectures to keep you up-to-date on the latest wellness topics...

What Is a Bunion and How Is it Treated

The management of bunions has been non-surgical and surgical...