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Feet Have “Growing Pains” Too!

Calcaneal apophysitis is a common condition seen in young athletes today.

What Is a Heel Spur?

Does it need to be removed?

What is Type 2 Diabetes and How To Treat It

You may feel normal in the early stages of type 2 diabetes, but uncontrolled blood sugar levels can be the cause of disabling or deadly results by affecting the major organs in your body.

Promoting Independence with Your Child

Reduce the amount of assistance they will need as they develop into adults...

Healthier Holidays to You

Stay healthy as you head into the holiday season...

Southlake Fit Body Boot Camp

Thirty minutes is all they need to change your life...

Don’t Let Your Achilles Tendon Become Your Achilles Heel

Achilles tendon ruptures are treated both surgically and non-surgically...

Get Your Foot (and ankle) Back in The Game

Request an appointment with Academy Foot & Ankle Specialists

ABC Pediatrics Opens in Trophy Club

ABC-Pediatric promotes the dignity and self-worth of all of their families and children...

You Can Have Breakfast After

Dr. Jacob Rosenstein and Dr. Johann Van Beest of HEALTHWave Physicians Institute have made it their mission to help relationships thrive with a truly revolutionary ED treatment.