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Your Next Vacation Destination

Spring Break has come and gone, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t start planning another getaway — or at least dream about it. This month, we’re mesmerized by Destin, the Florida Panhandle’s most...

Local Flavor - April

“Daddy Jack” Chaplin wasn’t born in Texas, but he got here as fast as he could — and he brought a full list of fresh seafood dishes along with him. The...

Local Flavor - Winewood Grill

The search for a family-friendly restaurant with a high-end vibe and classic American fare ends with Winewood...

Becoming a Backyard Hero

The outdoor season is upon us and anyone who calls themselves a Texan knows there is no better way to spend an evening than barbequing in the backyard and chilling with friends. These days the popularity of elaborate backyard kitchens is a

Local Theatre Company to Represent U.S. in Festival

Ohlook Performing Arts Center, Grapevine, TX, is proud to announce that its production of Bert V. Royal’s “Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead” has been asked to represent the U.S. at the Liverpool International Theatre Festival...

Restaurant Revival

It was the 1880s when the Texas and Pacific Railroad came down the tracks stirring up the dust along the dirt roads of nearby Roanoke. The quiet frontier town quickly became a popular stop for cattlemen and railroad workers. Not long after the railroad came along so did the Silver Spur Saloon building sitting grandly on Oak Street in the heart of town. The building was...

End the Restaurant Roulette

Grand Opening. Not so grand closing. That’s exactly what I thought to myself just the other night as I watched a moving crew haul out kitchen equipment, furniture and a small piece of my dining heart. Under the veil of darkness, and just before the

One Sweet Southlake Business

Just walk into Le’ Popcorn and Candy on Southlake Boulevard and try not to smile. We consider it impossible, and that’s because...

Floating through New Mexico

Nestled in the southern foothills of the Rockies are the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range and the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. This high-altitude city of only 70,000 inhabitants rests 7,000 feet above sea level. Having just celebrated its 400th Anniversary in 2010, Santa Fe or “holy faith”, the country’s second oldest city, was founded by the Spanish in 1610.

Beyond the Burrito - City's Best Tex-Mex

Every year we hit the streets of Southlake to bring you the best in local cuisine. We’ve checked out the pizzas, we’ve tried all the burgers, so for this third annual “Best of” food challenge we wanted to dig out the best, aut

Ice Cold Beer

Its time to expand your "Brewniverse" and Central Market has everything you need to make it happen. On a recent trip, we noticed something special in the Gelato cabinet...

Hail to the Hatch

Tucked amongst the mountain ranges deep in the heart of the Mesilla Valley lies the village of Hatch, New Mexico. This small town of just over 1,700 people enjoys the perfect climate for growing a true Southwestern foodie-favorite, the “Hatch Chile Pepper.” Along with food connoisseurs across Texas, we anxiously await Central Market’s celebration of this flavorful pepper at their annual Hatch Chile Festival.

$20.3 Million Reasons why it’s Great to be a Southlake Texan!

I frequently have the opportunity to talk to individuals looking to make a move, and when trying to decide if Texas, and more importantly, if Southlake is the right move for them, I get excited to talk about our great city.

New and Notable in Town

From running shoes, apparel and gear to training programs and more you can now find your fit, find your pace and find your race at the newest RunOn! location in Southlake.

Best of 2012

Protecting our own annual tradition our editorial team takes a fond look back at the year 2012. We’ve compiled our list of special people, places and events marking the passing of another great year. What follows are...

Southlake's New Bonefish Grill Serves Up Fresh Seafood and Philanthropy

Bonefish Grill opens a new Southlake location today at 1201 East Southlake Boulevard. In anticipation of the grand opening and to demonstrate community support, Bonefish Grill held a Charity Night on December 8 to raise funds for...

Local Flavor

Its history only dating back to the early 1900s, the now-omnipresent hamburger was not always a mainstay of American fare. Not until the post-war, mass-patty production of White Castle, and later...

Local Flavor

Regularly eaten by the healthiest companions at the dining table, ordering fish at a restaurant generally means checking your taste buds at the door. This is not the case at Bonefish Grill, Southlake’s newest fish “dishery.”

Mesero Miguel

If you have dined at Mi Cocina or Taco Diner, you have experienced the culinary skills of Mico Rodriguez...

Local Flavor - Off-Site Kitchen

This month, we are going a bit less upscale — but not sacrificing quality or taste — by taking a look at one of my favorite spots...
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