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Just in Time for the Holidays

We spend a lot of money during the holidays – parties, family dinners, toys from Santa and the list goes on. Your energy bills can...

Creepy Crawlies in the Crawl Space

Animals and insects in your crawl space and attic can cause extensive damage to the structure of your home. Some animals carry...

Stay Warm And Toasty This Winter With New Attic Insulation

You’ve felt the cold draft on your neck and your rising energy bills are sending shivers down your spine. It might be time...

Air Filters - Aren't they all the same?

We all know that we need to change the filters on our HVAC units regularly. We also know that changing them will save money on...

Are Air Purifiers Worth It?

Suffering through the sniffling and sneezing searching for some relief? Some of us suffer all year long with indoor allergies.

How to Choose the Right A/C System for Your Home

Whether you’re building a new home or need to upgrade or replace the A/C in your existing home, it’s important to know...

Slab Leaks Can Cost You!

Nearly all homes in Colleyville, Grapevine, Southlake and throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth area are built on concrete slabs because...

What Water Quality Means for Your Home and Family

The quality of your home’s water can have a lasting impact, not only on your plumbing, but also your appliances, dishes clothes and even your health. Let’s explore some of the common issues...

Improving Your Air Quality

Our homes contain all kinds of chemicals and natural materials that do more than just give off a temporary smell. Modern houses are built...

Bang for Your Buck

Opinions vary on exactly which home improvements add the most value to your home or help you command a higher price at resale time but the experts at HGTV, Forbes, and Smart Money magazine all agree that the bottom line in decision making depends on your goals and plans. The definition of what exactly is the best “bang” for your buck is...

Don't Wait Before it's Too Late!

Many people don’t realize there may be something wrong with their AC, until the first hot day of the year. In my experience, 95% of the time this happens when someone added refrigerant the summer before without...

Home Insulation and why it's Important

We all know the saying “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait 5 minutes” and just as quickly as the weather changes here, so will the temperature in your home if you don’t have proper insulation.

Maintaining Your Furnace for Lower Bills and Family Safety

While it’s important to stay warm and comfortable in the winter months, it’s also crucial that your furnace not only runs well, but also stays maintained to keep your energy bills low and your family safe.

Memberships Are a Valuable Investment

Homeowners face all kinds of challenges. One of the biggest challenges is the failure of their heating, air conditioning or plumbing...

Early Detection of a Slab Leak Can Prevent Costly Repairs

Nearly all homes in Dallas-Fort Worth are built on concrete slabs because the soil is very unstable...

Berkeys Asks for Toy Donations for GRACE Christmas Cottage

Berkeys' partnership with GRACE continues this year with a toy drive to help families in need.
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