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Buon Appetito! Elegant Family Dining comes to Southlake

Nov 06, 2012 02:57PM ● By tina

Natalie Renda and Ken Kuczwaj welcome the community to Patrizio Osteria

Upon first entering Patrizio, Southlake’s newest Italian restaurant, the impression is one of sophisticated elegance coupled with an unexpected, yet very welcome sense of family familiarity.   The sophistication exudes through immense slabs of richly colored granite, which encompasses the front bar – while the main dining room showcases black marble tables and sumptuous cream-colored leather chairs. Welcoming you to the table are Westlake residents and the restaurant’s owners, Oscar Renda and his daughter Natalie.  Together the two teamed with famed Dallas restaurateur Ed Bailey and built a spectacular signature restaurant worthy of its prized location.

The October 15th opening of Patrizio marks not only another successful restaurant venture from Bailey, but also the culmination of a lifelong dream for the Rendas. Oscar Renda owned the land at the corner of Carroll Avenue and the 114 in the shadows of the Southlake DPS building where Patrizio now sits. Close to Southlake Town Square yet completely independent of the city’s retail mecca Patrizio Southlake marks the seventh and most opulent opening of the prized north Texas Italian eatery which has become a staple in both Fort Worth and Highland Park Village.

Friends with Bailey, Oscar and Natalie agreed the best way to make their dream of a restaurant into a reality was to partner with Patrizio and from partners to patrons the result is a win-win for all concerned.  Oscar admitted, “I’m a food guy. If I’m going to eat Italian food, it’s got to be good. All natural ingredients, quality is everything for us.” Natalie agreed, “Dad is definitely our foodie.”

Making this particular foodie smile is the task of Executive Chef, Luciano Salvadore, originally from Venezia (Venice), Italy.  Luciano came to befriend the Rendas over six years ago as they followed him from restaurant to restaurant. Luciano has been with Bailey’s organization for the last two years and with this Patrizio location he has introduced the Osteria concept of simple menus that embrace local specialties to the restaurant chain.

In keeping with the Osteria concept the restaurant delivers a full menu of high quality dishes with monthly specials made from natural ingredients imported direct from Italy. Luciano made note, “We encourage our patrons to take part in our recipe of the month contest where diners can submit their favorites to be chosen as a feature on our menu.” The prize-winning dish will then be named in honor of the lucky local chef. “If they would like,” Luciano adds, “they can spend an evening in my kitchen cooking alongside me.” Luciano’s kitchen is a dream workspace; large and well equipped the space even includes a staff elevator for quick and convenient access to the second floor.

Both Natalie Renda and Ken Kruczwaj, Vice President of Brand Development of ECB Enterprises, are excited about the Osteria concept and aim to be completely hands on and readily available at the restaurant every night. With excellent food and stunning architecture to match Ken adds, “Patrizio is a family neighborhood restaurant that is also kid friendly with a kids menu full of kid-sized selections.”

From a private dining room featuring a stunning handcrafted wood table paired with chairs in soft gold leather to a glass sculpture that seems to float in mid-air from the second floor ceiling high above floating down into the main dining room - every aspect of design at Patrizio was carefully thought out to the smallest detail.  From Luciano’s kitchen to the elegant black and gold glass tiles in the restrooms to the stunning chandelier in the glass enclosed circular staircase, Turner Duncan, the architect from Duncan Miller Design, brought Natalie’s and Oscar’s dream to life in the greatest detail.

If you climb the marble staircase to the second floor you’re greeted by an upscale bar area with infinity mirrors that invites you to relax and share conversation with friends. Your drinks will be custom crafted by a cocktail specialist who comes to Patrizio from another Bailey’s facility, The Chesterfield. Whether you chose to have a drink upstairs, in the main bar, or on the huge patio that wraps two sides of the building complete with a huge fireplace Patrizio is sure to become a popular gathering place for friends.

Attention to detail doesn’t end at the wine list either- familiar Italian favorites rest alongside new and unfamiliar vintages many may not be familiar with – but will be glad they tried. Fresh foods made with fresh ingredients, even espresso pots that will be brewed tableside. And even mom would be proud to attend Sunday nights better known as “Gravy” night with a selection of mouth-watering sauces paired with a wide variety of pastas. Ken said, “Gravy night is just another way for us to show that when you eat at Patrizio we want you to feel like you’re eating with family.”

Currently serving lunch and dinner, with an Italian style Sunday brunch soon to follow, Patrizio Southlake has reserved area diners a seat at what is already one of the head tables in town.