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2013 Brings New Beginnings

Jan 08, 2013 10:28AM ● By tina

David Faltys reads a book with preschoolers at the Southlake Public Library

CISD News with Dr. David Faltys, CISD Superintendent

The arrival of 2013 brings with it a lot of excitement and hope for our Dragon family. Nearly all of the projects in the 2009 Bond Program are nearing completion and we’ve moved our administrative operations into the old Carroll Middle School, which will, from this day forward, now be considered the new Carroll Administration Center. The building features a state-of-the art Board meeting room, offices for all CISD Administrators under one roof, a teacher training center and technology services for the district. 

This building holds a lot of historical significance and it seems fitting we moved into these halls at the same time that Jack D. Johnson received Southlake Style’s Community Impact Award. The contributions he made during his 28 years as superintendent here helped form a strong foundation of excellence for Dragons in this community. There will be a lobby area dedicated to the history of Carroll ISD to help us preserve in pictures those who made contributions during the early formative years for Carroll Independent School District. 

Across town at Durham Intermediate School, we are putting the final touches on the last of our school projects. At this campus we have relocated the front office, added a safety entrance, expanded the band hall and classroom areas for fifth and sixth graders and raised the ceiling on the library to introduce more natural lighting. The project is not quite finished, but will give the intermediate school a fresh, new look when complete.

The term New Beginnings keeps running through my mind. It started last month when I got to sit down and read a book with the preschoolers at the Southlake Public Library. As part of our year-long Once Upon A Dragon theme to encourage reading, creative writing and storytelling, Charlie the Dragon and I read, danced and sang holiday songs with area toddlers and their parents. What a fun morning we had as I read them my favorite book as a child, Giant John.

I couldn’t help but reflect on how these boys and girls were just getting started on their own educational journey. They sat listening so intently, asking me questions, sharing in my sound effects and clapping loudly when we reached my favorite parts of the story. It was a moment to reflect on New Beginnings and how important those first few years of learning are for children.

Like sponges, they soak up every new word and thought and picture. Books and songs open up a whole new world for these toddlers; little do they know what an important foundation their parents are laying for them by encouraging story time, visits to the library and use of their imaginations.

I cannot brag much, really - Charlie the Dragon was a huge hit with most of them. But as we sang and danced and listened to the children interact with puppets, I was encouraged by the future of DragonNation. I know that the work we do to ensure excellence for these little ones is important. Completing construction projects, supporting programs, aligning curriculum and fighting for public school funding are often how we spend our time, but it’s so these students can enjoy New Beginnings as Carroll Dragons with hope for a bright future.

I’m not big on new years resolutions, but I do enjoy standing on the cusp of a new year and wondering what the next 12 months will hold for our school district and community. I resolve to Protect The Tradition; to enjoy and celebrate New Beginnings and to maintain a strong foundation for our littlest Dragons who are just starting on this journey to excellence.

Dr. David Faltys serves as Superintendent of Carroll Independent School District, the largest 5A Exemplary district in the state of Texas.  He was named by the 2010 Region XI Superintendent of the Year after being nominated for the award by his local School Board.  David and his wife, Jennifer, have four children: Dave, Peyton, Kenton and Lauren.