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$20.3 Million Reasons why it’s Great to be a Southlake Texan!

Feb 21, 2013 11:08AM ● By tina

In 2012, 87 new businesses opened in Southlake - a sure sign of economic growth

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Submitted by Roxann Taylor

I frequently have the opportunity to talk to individuals looking to make a move, and when trying to decide if Texas, and more importantly, if Southlake is the right move for them, I get excited to talk about our great city.  Not only do we have the very best in education, sports, and arts, but the feeling that we live in Pleasantville.  I know that you must feel it too.

The biggest buzz this last week was at the S.P.I.N. (Southlake Program for the Involvement of Neighborhoods) meeting when Del Frisco's Grill was proposed to go into Southlake Town Square.  Additionally, approvals for the expansion of the garden district were also requested at the S.P.I.N. meeting.

In 2012, Southlake had a 7.2% increase in sales tax revenue for a total of 20.3 million dollars.  Wish we got to keep all of it, but it was actually distributed this way:

·       6.25% goes to the state

·       1% goes to the city’s general fund

·       .5% is dedicated to each of two special revenue funds-

o   Crime Control & Prevention District

o   Southlake Parks Development Corporation

This increase in sales tax revenue can probably be attributed to consumer confidence, because there were 87 new businesses that opened in 2012.  The fact that many of our buildings previously abandoned during the recession are now being filled by some of these new businesses is pretty exciting.  From the Neighborhood Walmart going into the old Albertsons, to Mellow Mushroom, which took over the old Baker Brothers space, business is thriving in Southlake and includes the following new additions:

•          HomeGoods moved into 30,000 square feet in the Southlake Corners shopping center.

•          American Specialty Health took over 50,000 square feet of space previously occupied by Fidelity Investments.

•          All American Family Fitness opened in the former 10,900 square foot Larry North Fitness location

You know we are famous for our restaurants, and Bonefish Grill and Patrizio Osteria both opened up in brand new buildings.  It’s kind of funny when my team and I go out and show various homes.  We get to enter these big, beautiful kitchens with great appliances and when the potential buyers check the oven they are always a bit surprised to still find the instruction manual neatly wrapped and sealed in plastic.  I kind of have to laugh because we're slowly getting every style of restaurant in Southlake which means that in addition to having the very best dining experiences available, you don’t ever have to leave this city (or use your kitchen) in order to get what you want.

Are we lucky?  Or is it because we have great leaders…. You tell me.

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~Roxann Taylor~ The Only Name you need to know in Real Estate