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Chris Archer - Place 7

Apr 17, 2013 04:59PM ● By tina

Chris Archer for Place 7, CISD Board of Trustees

Part one of a two part series.

Q:  Each candidate in this year’s campaign has promised fiscal restraint to taxpayers.  What specific actions or proposals do you recommend to balance the budget and maintain fiscal responsibility?

A: Chris Archer – First and foremost, I do not intend to propose nor support a tax increase. I do propose to build budgets from the ground up, using year-end actuals as the basis to allow for a fiscal view that incorporates recent trends in expenditure categories such as changes in utility rates, usage, and other line item issues.  I believe we must review and renegotiate contracts with vendors and providers to ensure the district is attaining the highest value for its dollar.  We must search for continued areas of savings and investigate options for cost sharing with surrounding districts.  We must also research opportunities that alternate technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal may provide for us to decrease our annual costs.  As a Chapter 41 district, we must continue to look for innovative strategies to maximize non-Robin Hood revenue and to continue to streamline operations in order to achieve the very best value for our hard earned dollars.

Q:  Protect the Tradition is at the very heart of this school district.  What does the phrase mean to you and exactly how do you intend to fulfill that commitment if elected? 

A: Chris Archer – “Protect the Tradition” is at the core of our District and Community. First and foremost, I believe it signifies protecting and preserving excellence in academic performance and extracurricular activities. It is also a tradition that incorporates a dedication to continuous improvement so that we consistently provide the type of experience that adapts to shifts in education and keeps our students at the forefront of learning.  Furthermore, it is a commitment to both meeting and exceeding the expectations of the citizens of the Carroll community in terms of fiscal responsibility and integrity, and to incorporating the taxpayer voice into the critical decisions that face the district.  It represents the heart of the district, and it exemplifies the power that family and community holds, when aligned with shared values and goals, to develop and sustain an envied educational environment that focuses on achievement, character, and the success of all students.

I promise, to the students, parents, and taxpayers of Carroll ISD that I, as a trustee, will act in accordance with the underlying tenets of what it means to “Protect the Tradition”.  I will approach all decisions with this standard as the litmus test for action.  I will incorporate the voice of CISD residents through open communication and active engagement.  I will continue my history of participation in community organizations and events, my church, and the many youth sports and activity organizations that my five children have been fortunate enough to be a part of.  I will respect, honor and Protect the Tradition.

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