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Team Me Hits The Real World

Sep 30, 2013 08:52AM ● By Mike

Team Me has lifelong meaning for many Dragons. photo courtesy of Rex Teter Photography

By Robert Halliman

There’s more to being a Dragon than championships. In fact, during my time as a Dragon, playing football from 2007–2010, I was never part of a state championship team. However, even without the glory, I believe I, too, came away from the program a champion. Jewelry aside, by champion, I mean a more evolved and mature person. Even in my adolescent stage, I understood the goal of growing up was to make strides towards becoming a man. Each step along the way is all part of the journey towards adulthood. As they say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It just so happened that the Southlake athletic program was a part of my village.  The lessons I learned as a Dragon form an integral part of who I am today and will be key to my success as I move forward through life.

As most young athletes do, I looked at sports as a place to learn about life.  I’m proud to say that the lessons I learned on the field have definitely shaped my life so far. Today, I am majoring in journalism at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania with plans to graduate this coming May. I may still be young, but throughout my time in college and my experiences working, I’ve already been able to apply some of the lessons I have learned while a member of the Dragon football team. More specifically, I learned the importance of a Team Me attitude.

It’s more than just the fashionable look you see players sporting under their jerseys, and it’s much more than the final score on Friday nights. Team Me is an important mindset I still take with me every day. Just as I did when I donned my helmet, today, I am cognizant of those around me, even as I strive to make my own mark in the real world. As a college student, I’m not only making strides for myself but for my family. The everyday challenges I experience while 1,500 miles from home not only better me but also those around me.

As I interned this past summer at Southlake Style, I did my part to help bring this issue of Dragon Pride together. Back in my hometown, I was able to learn much about how a business runs. Through my experiences, I have once again seen in action what Dragon football had taught me — in order for a team or company to be successful, teamwork is key. A business is much like a team; in order for it to run smoothly, everyone must be on the same page.  When everybody manages their obligations to the best of their ability, the chance of success for the company as a whole stands to be much greater.  As an intern, I was given the opportunity to be a part of that process. I was given a role and deadlines, and through those deadlines I was able to not only better myself as a writer but also learn how to contribute as a productive member of a different kind of team. This opportunity taught me new skills; ones that I hope to someday soon take to a full-time job in communications.  It also helped sharpen many of the skills like preparedness and accountability, which I already had thanks to my days growing up as a Dragon. 

Robert Halliman is a senior journalism major and political science minor at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Penn. A 2010 Carroll Senior High graduate, Robert played defensive tackle for coach Hal Wasson from 2007–2010.  An aspiring sports agent and media personality, Robert is also a member of the Lehigh University Business Careers and Entertainment Club.