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Dallas Makes Top 10 Most Generous Cities List

Apr 09, 2014 03:51PM ● By Anonymous
When it comes to generosity, two criteria apply: time and money -- Dallas has both. 

According to a recent study done by, Dallas is one of the top 10 most generous cities in the nation. 

Of all the Southern cities featured on the top 10 list, Dallas has the highest volunteerism rate and has a relatively low financial donation list. State charitable contributions per capita averaged $516 and the volunteer rate came in at 27.5%. 

Additionally, Dallas has the lowest credit card debt per capita out of all the cities. The credit card debt per person averages $1,955. 

The study concluded that generosity doesn't necessarily have a geographic component; rather, it's more likely to do with how one was raised and whether the individual was born to pay it forward.

Nonetheless, there is an indisputable community element: when everyone around you is doing something good, you are more likely to give back. 

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