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Southlake Style

Cool Beans

Nov 07, 2014 10:05AM ● By Dia

Tis’ the season of things pumpkin spiced, and there is nothing more enticing than a gourd with your grind. Although coffee enthusiasts may be accustomed to syrup flavoring their espresso drink, Buon Giorno will have you coming back for more with their homemade blend of pumpkin and spices. Combine their version of the signature fall recipe with micro-batch roasted beans, and you have a brew that stands above the rest.

  Espresso and coffee are only as good as the bean from which they come. After searching all over for an espresso reminiscent of what he experienced in Italy at the age of 18, Buon Giorno Owner David Clarke began learning the practice of and roasting his own beans. After five years of using his friends as guinea pigs, it was time to introduce their find to the masses. David and his wife Leyna opened Buon Giorno in Grapevine in 2006.

Differentiating himself from the chains, as David refers to them, is a task he doesn’t take lightly. Microbatch roasting allows him to get just the right flavor. It also makes each roast more unique, and considering the fact that David knows the story behind each of the beans’ farmers and crops, it is safe to say he has a vested interest in each shot (of espresso) and brew (of coffee). Personal relationships, such as the ones he has with the farmers, is an important step of the process. To David, the 

 whole business of coffee is about building relationships. This can be seen in the baristas’ positive and warm attitudes, which waif through the coffee house and reaches patrons much like the aroma of the coffee.

You feel at home entering Buon Giorno —with its comfy couches and oversized chairs. It is rumored that Southlake residents will soon be able to find Buon Giorno espresso and coffee on the shelves of Central Market. The grocery chain is well known for using locally sourced products.  obvious that whatever David is doing keeps patrons coming back for more. From college students to moms and toddlers, there is a place for everyone in his coffee house, and a drink to fit their mood or day.


Best Bean for Your Buck

The United States imports and consumes more coffee than any other country. It is no wonder that a recent U.S. survey found that 69 percent of American coffee drinkers consider coffee one of America’s most popular beverages. Coming in a $0.05 per eight ounces, compared to soft drinks ($0.13) and bottled water ($0.25), coffee is indeed the most “affordable luxury.” And just like you would take care of any “luxury,” you want to make sure your coffee is cared for. One piece of advice: Once ground, you should store your daily coffee in the freezer to prevent air and moisture from reaching the grinds.

2350, Hall Johnson Rd.

Grapevine, TX