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Mayoral Candidate Q&A: Laura Hill and Carolyn Morris

Apr 21, 2015 10:39AM ● By Amy
When residents go to the early polls next week to vote for the next mayor of Southlake, history will be made no matter what the ballots say. For the first time in Southlake’s history, a woman will hold the position of mayor for the city.

We had the chance to ask each candidate about her campaign stance to not only inform you, but to encourage you to be part of Southlake history—cast your vote on Election Day, May 9.

Mayoral Candidate Question and Answer
Q: The city of Southlake is fast approaching its current “build-out” capacity. How do you plan on addressing new commercial and residential developments looking to call the city home?
Laura Hill

Laura Hill: I will introduce “Thoughtful Replanning,” a process that creates an overlay of the city, targeting problem areas before they are developed. This will allow us to explore creative uses for undeveloped land with the help of residents and staff before the land is purchased for rezoning. I will also begin the process of re-evaluating each zoning ordinance since some of the language has not kept up with the times.

Carolyn Morris

 Carolyn Morris: I would ask and determine the following assessment questions on each proposal. Is the proposed development compliant with the Master Plan? Would the development be an asset to Southlake? Would it add to the quality of life for our residents? What is the citizen input?

Q: Along with development growth comes the need for mobility management. How do you plan on meeting the needs of residents when it comes to traffic concerns?

LH: I will immediately review each local traffic project to include: additional 1709 deceleration lanes, roundabouts, additional left-turn-only lanes and all connectors. I will fast track all projects that will alleviate local traffic flow. Citizens will be notified and kept up to date on all mobility projects.

CM: Implement on-going analysis of traffic volume and flow by Public Works with input from DPS. Use traffic light timing, construction of additional turn lanes and roundabouts as determined necessary. Complete construction of State Street to 114. Plan for the construction of Zena Rucker Rd., Kirkwood Blvd. and Village Center Dr. Work with TXDOT to encourage the acceleration of the proposed additional lanes west of Kirkwood-Davis on 114.

Q: Southlake schools are top-notch. Are there any ideas you would like to see implemented within the school district?

LH: I will immediately form a student and adult alliance for better government and a better Southlake. "SKIL" Southlake Kids Interested in Leading. Young ideas mentored by local civic leaders, business people and engaged citizens. I want students to participate in a meaningful way to make our community better. We have a responsibility to train future leaders, foster an interest in good government and open ourselves up to a new generation of ideas.

CM: I would encourage cooperation and involvement between the city and school in building a strong united community to maintain the schools’ high level of educational excellence. Provide each of the schools in Southlake with the levels of safety as needed (ie. Safety Resource Officers, crosswalks, sidewalks and other necessary safety improvements.) 

Q: Please name one simple idea you think would make a difference in the community.

LH: I will set up a single-issue task force made up of students, adults, business owners and city and school district staff to review all intersections to determine if they are pedestrian/bike friendly and to make recommendations to fix any and all problems.

CM: Follow the Southlake Master Plan and listen to citizen input on each project.

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