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Long Distance Dedication

Apr 29, 2015 11:44AM ● By Dia

  Eldest daughter Karly, a law student at the University of Kansas, wouldn’t let geography deter her or her three siblings from showing their mom how much they care. Despite the distance, Karly teamed up with Ryan, a freshman at Cornell, and Cheylee and Royce, still at Carroll ISD to honor their mom in our decade old contest. 

“My sweet firstborn Karly has given me a big surprise,” said our tenth annual winner KC Weigel, “I've read your mom essays every year and never ever thought it might be me!”

With smart phone at the ready, Karly was able to read her heartwarming essay as her siblings also shared in the short-lived but sincere moment with their mother.

After the emotional reading, KC received more than $2,000 worth of gifts from retailers including 

 Grayson Allen Fine Jewelers, Corinthian Wellness Spa, The Southlake Hilton and BluDoor Studios amongst others. Happy tears were noticeable in mom’s eyes, knowing she’s raised children that no matter the distance, will always stay connected through the bonds of motherly love.

Our mother was present for our small and big moments. When the four us were brought home from the hospital over the years, our family grew in size and our house grew with warmth, love and laughter.

Our first steps and babbled words were in front of her. She witnessed many of the big moments early on in our development.

With sticky fingers we created countless school projects with the help of our mother’s endless patience and creative touch. We told her our secrets and aspirations, changing our minds daily between “growing up” to become astronauts, firefighters or dolphin trainers. The conversations about our interests and thoughts were small moments that shaped who we are today.

From our countless injuries and trips to the hospital, our mother was our warrior when dealing with the doctors and nurses. She was persistent that we receive the best treatment possible. She knew how to balance toughness with love and patience during our recovery and helped each one of us rise above our injuries. Thank you for being our champion and angel during the big and frightening moments.

Our middle and high school years were filled with changing emotions and independence. Between jam-packed after school schedules, learning to drive and telling her often that our friends were “cooler” than family time, she stuck by us. Even when we were less than lovable, she smiled and hugged us with the same motherly love. These years included big moments of growing up and making decisions about our futures.

Then one day, she blinked. The four young children she nurtured throughout the years had grown. Two children have graduated and one graduates in June. The baby of the family graduates in two years. Even though the house will be quiet and empty, the love and memories will keep our hearts full. Every lesson, big or small, has shaped each one of us into intelligent and loving young adults who have the power to help and change people’s lives. Her countless hours of mentoring through the laughs and tears was not in vain. She taught us to love ourselves and each other.

If not for our mother, our lives would be darker and a lot quieter without the roar of her laughter. She has watched the beautiful progression of her four children become young adults and we thank her for the tireless and abundant love she has for us. Thank you for the hugs and kisses when we were born and the ‘final goodbye’ hugs and kisses when we went off to college. On this Mother’s Day, we say ‘thank you’ mom for loving us unconditionally and reminding us to smile and laugh each day because tomorrow is not guaranteed. She witnessed the big moments of development and cherished the small moments of our triumph and dreams. Thank you for the lives you continue to touch, especially ours. 

 Karly, Ryan, Cheylee and Royce