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Southlake Style

It’s a Circus In Here

Jul 01, 2015 10:04AM ● By Dia

 Elephants, acrobats and clowns. Motorcycles, tigers and llamas. No, we’re not piecing together that strange dream you had last night — this is “The Greatest Show on Earth!” For 144 years, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey have been wowing audiences of all ages with magical feats through their unique circus act, and this year they’re back with “Legends,” an all-new, fast-paced showcase of talent every child should experience at least once in their lives. From the slapstick-silly clowns and the awe-inducing dancing dogs to the death-defying choreographed motorbikes, enjoy more than two hours of entertainment, all paired with lively music including some of today’s top hits for a more modern approach to timeless family fun. Experience mesmerizing acts like unison cycling, gasp as synchronized acrobats soar through the air, and witness the talents of ringmaster Johnathan Lee Iverson as he somehow manages to keep everything, from big cats to beautiful horses, in line.

If that isn’t enough, “Legends” goes one step further with spectacles of strength and thrills of wonder to summon up mythical and mysterious creatures of the past. Remember to bring your imagination as creatures like unicorns, a Pegasus and a wooly mammoth are brought to the stage to inspire more than a few giggles. It’s the kind of good old-fashioned fun you can only find at the circus, ready to enjoy with your family at the American Airlines Center or Fort

Worth Convention Center this summer. We promise you’ll go home smiling no matter your age.

DETAILS: American Airlines Center July 29 – August 9 Fort Worth Convention Center August 12 - 16 Tickets available at