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Luxury Meets Comfort

Nov 06, 2015 09:49AM ● By Dia

One can only endure so many remote control compartments on a single armchair. Let’s think outside of the large box an ultimate recliner would arrive in and move on to a more modern piece of furniture that combines both luxury and comfort. The Luft armchair is a little piece of Audi heaven to be enjoyed in your living room rather than on the open road. Designed by Head of Volkswagen Group Design, Walter Maria de Silva, the Luft begs more of an introduction than an explanation of benefits. de Silva, who’s an Italian car designer by trade, oversees all Volkswagen Group passenger car brands, including Audi. So it was a natural fit for de Silva to collaborate with the Audi Concept Studio in the design process. Premium furniture producer Poltrona Frau was then brought in to manufacture the chair.

Featuring a curved, aluminum frame that traces the contour of the chair from its back to its feet, which also serves as the base, the Luft’s seating piece seems to float in the frame. In designing the Luft armchair, de Silva wanted to create a floating effect, and in fact the armchair is named for the German word for air. 

Polyester and polyurethane foam are used for padding underneath the leather on the seating piece, and a beech wood frame is inserted in the center to which an elastic-belt spring system is attached. Known not only for its aesthetics, the Pelle Frau leather upholstery is also unmatched in tactility, making the Luft as comfortable as it is luxurious. The leather upholstery is available in a variety of colors, and the frame can either be painted or shine in chrome.

But, of course, the cost of luxury in the world of furniture designed by such an iconic car brand is a bit more than what you would pay for an ultimate recliner from the local big box store. Be warned; you might want to sit down for this. The Luft price tag is in the $4,500-$4,800 range and is available to order from most high-end furniture boutiques.

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. What the Luft armchair lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up for in comfort. While you may not have a side pocket for the television remote or a cup holder for your favorite game-watching brew, you do have the bragging rights to owning a living room armchair designed by Audi. And who wouldn’t want that? 


Price: $4,500 + 

3’1’’ tall x 3’1’ deep x 3’5” wide

Leather, aluminum, polyester filling