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Southlake Style

Amazing Alaska

Jan 26, 2016 03:46PM ● By Dia

This July, Southlake Style is setting sail on the adventure of a lifetime – Expedition Alaska: Seas the Day  Brent Nixon, one of the cruise industry’s top naturalists, will be on board the Celebrity Solstice for the journey. We caught up with Nixon to get his take on Alaska and a first look at the experiences that await.

Q: You’re the CEO of Nature Talks ... are you listening? Tell us a little about your background and organization.

A: I created the nonprofit Adventures In Nature in 1996 and found a high demand for my personal style of presentations. I decided to create a for-profit branch called Nature Talks...are you listening? Nature Talks is an opportunity for me to give voice to some of the issues in our natural world via dramatic illustrated talks. Since the creation of Nature Talks in 2006, I have done presentations for over one million people.

Q: You travel all over the world. Where do you call home?

A: I call two places home. Where I am hanging my hat during any given month of field research or wildlife filming is my “working” home. Cashmere, Washington, is where I spend my days taking care of my two beautiful daughters, Emma and Jessie.

Q: What do you enjoy most about what you do?

A: I love the environment the cruise industry creates for guests. Within that relaxed, opulent world, people tend to be a little more open to seeing the world with a bit more excitement and interest. I am proud to be a part of that grand cruise experience and always hope that my presentations and narratives help create a grander memory for guests. 

Q: What’s something about you that might surprise people?

A: I am a pretty quiet person when I am not presenting. Most people know me through the passion they meet via one of my presentations or narratives and are often surprised at how mellow I am when I am not speaking about something I love.

Q: Can you give us a sneak peek at what you’ll be sharing with us on Expedition Alaska: Seas the Day?

A: The humpback whale activity in Southeast Alaska has hit epic levels, and I have some awesome film footage we just shot in 2015 that I think guests will love. I also just finished some filming of coastal brown bears for a NatGeo assignment that I think they will find totally edge-of-seat worthy. Throw in some great Coastal Bald Eagle film footage, some phenomenal Orca information and a hyper-animated show about seals and sea lions, and the week will be golden. 

Q: Is there a common question you get from people when you’re on the ship?

A: When will I see whales and bears? My response: Come to my shows and you will find out!

Q: What do you hope people take away from your shows?

A: My hope is that each guest will come away with a renewed passion for the gifts that are all around us here on earth. With that renewed passion, I hope will come a desire to care about what we are leaving for our children to enjoy and be passionate about.

Q: Give us an idea of the type of wildlife we may see on the cruise.

A: We will have several different opportunities to see lots of humpback whales, bald eagles and a huge variety of sea birds. If we are lucky, at least one or two American Black Bear, and if we are really lucky, a Coastal Brown Bear (known elsewhere as a grizzly). Salmon everywhere, and for those who go looking via shore excursions, possibly moose, wolf and a
cool animal known as a Pine Martin. Hoary marmots, mountain goats and porpoise are also frequently seen.

Q: What do you personally find most fascinating about Alaska?

A: The constant and wonderful changes that unfold before me. It is not a static museum. Global change is very real in Alaska regardless of your political views. To me, that is real science and I am enthralled with it.

Q: What would you say to someone who’s never been to Alaska?

A: Come with open eyes and an open heart. Leave your expectations at home and let this amazing place create lasting memories.

Q: Anything else you’d like to say?

A: Alaska is not a notch in the travel belt that you can visit once and say you have seen Alaska. I have been exploring Alaska for over 35 years and still feel like a newcomer each time I return. Don’t let a single trip be Alaska’s only chance to impress you.