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Take a Better Bath

May 03, 2016 02:18PM ● By Dia
We’d like to let you in on a little secret—Mom is tired. Although she’ll love anything handmade from her kids or a thoughtful brunch planned by her husband this Mother’s Day, what she really wants is to relax. While hydrotherapy is a great solution for her tense back (from carrying around a baby or toddler) or weary feet (from standing on the sidelines cheering on her favorite little soccer player), it usually takes a trip to a spa to reap the benefits. But a BubbleMassage Air Bath by Kohler could be just the gift Mom’s been waiting for.

This walk-in bathtub, equipped with a chair-height seat with inflatable cushion, transforms the bathroom into a hydrothera- py haven. Once inside the tub, Mom can easily slide the side wall up and begin to fill the bath with water. After the water drains, the side wall can be lowered for an effortless exit. The integrated ledge allows space for soaps, shampoos or even candles to enhance the at- home hydrotherapy session.

Moving on to the BubbleMassage feature of the Kohler Elevance, there are 59 air jets that release thousands of bubbles to massage the body, and the variable-speed blower lets her adjust massage intensity up to 18 levels. The Zones of Control feature, available as an accessory, lets Mom choose a complete body massage or one that targets the back, legs or feet. She can use her favorite bath oils and salts since the system is hygienic and easy to clean, featuring automatic and manual purge cycles.

You’ll want to contact a Kohler retailer to purchase the Elevance Rising Wall 5’ Bub- ble Massage Air Bath, and seek the help of a qualified installer. It is available in white, biscuit or almond color, and price varies ac- cordingly.

The idea of spending the day at a spa is some- thing that would make most any mom happy this Mother’s Day. However, there is always something that happens between the time she receives a spa gift card and when—or if—it is actually used. That something is called life. As her husband, son or daughter, you should un- derstand she is grateful for the gift, but more grateful for the time she gets to spend with her family. Therefore, task yourself this Mother’s Day to bring the spa to her to be enjoyed when- ever she desires. The only accessory she’ll need is a reprieve from door knocking. 


Price: $11,660-$12,820

Bath dimensions: 60 1⁄4’ x 39 1⁄4” x 33 1⁄2” Material: Acrylic Installation: Three-wall alcove