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10 Things That Can Only Mean It's Summer in Southlake

Jun 02, 2016 03:03PM ● By Dia

Ah, summer in Southlake. There’s nothing quite like it. The kids are home from school and months of adventure lie ahead. You don’t have to live here long before you notice the signs that it’s officially summertime in our city. Here are a few indications that the season has begun. 

1. Everyone has something to say about the heat.

2. And they post pictures of their vehicle’s temperature reading #texassummer #thestruggle.

3. Despite the heat, you’re still determined to eat outside at

One of southlake’s great patios.

4. A scoop at milwaukee joe’s or the ice cream place is part

Of your weekend routine. 

5. There’s no morning traffic on southlake boulevard.

6. You have to get your morning jog in before sunrise. (and then

Decide where to go for a green juice.)

7. You willingly park in the garage at town square for the shade.

8. You’re either feeding your neighbor’s dog or getting their mail.

9. Your kid is in a different camp every day.

10. You fear if your lawn is too green, you may be in trouble.

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