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Happiness by the Pint

Jul 05, 2016 10:40AM ● By Ashley Pape

Summer is an ice cream shop’s time to shine, but some of the best scoops can be found in the freezer—specifically at Central Market. Southlake’s foodie hub is churning out some of the season’s coolest treats: pints of small-batch craft ice cream. The store’s lineup of cold and creamy delights is anything but vanilla (although you can certainly stick with the classic, if you prefer). Central Market pushes the boundaries with nearly a dozen ambitious flavors such as Chile Pepper Pecan and Coconut Ginger. Let’s just say: It’s not a good time to institute a dairy-free diet.


On its blog, Central Market writes, “We made a truly unique, crazy-fun, foodie-forward, sigh-inducing line of pure joy by the pint.” It’s indeed National Ice Cream Month, but we don’t need an excuse to indulge in some frosty magic—especially since this treat was three years in the making. A source at Central Market says, “The goal was to make the best-tasting ice cream. We didn’t move forward until everything was perfect.”


Concocting the ideal gourmet ice cream with just the right amount of “foodie-ness,” as the store says, took a whole lot of mixing, experimenting and sampling. More than 50 recipes went through a taste test, and nine were declared the crème de la crème of craft ice cream. Each flavor begins with a velvety base of custard. The ice cream is then crafted in small batches for an amplified taste experience. So whether you savor a spoonful or the whole pint of flavors such as Hazelnut Latte and Whiskey Honey, you’re getting a mega dose of flavor.


The local favorite? Dark Chocolate Ganache. Southlake purchases more of this flavor than any other, according to our Central Market. The ice cream is swirled with bits of Belgian chocolate for a decadently rich treat. Though we never say no to chocolate, we happened to be intrigued by Jamaican Jam. The name lured us in (it sounds so fun and summery) and the taste got us hooked. The ice cream is made with only a few simple ingredients: dark rum, sweet cream, handmade date jam and a pinch of salt. We consider it a sweetly sophisticated way to combat the July heat.


While there’s no shortage of sweet scoops around town, Central Market’s imaginative flavor combos will please every palate. If you’re a scoop enthusiast (and aren’t we all in the summer?), grab a bowl, cup or cone … or a spoon to eat straight from the container. When it comes to a frozen treat that’s as unique as it is flavorful, Central Market has it licked.

central market

1425 E. Southlake Blvd.