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Southlake Style

Fire It Up

Sep 07, 2016 11:16AM ● By Ashley Pape

Nothing elevates your kitchen’s ambiance like a wood-fired oven. In addition to providing the home chef a unique cooking method, a wood-fired oven exudes a quiet tenor of hominess unmatched by any stainless steel oven or cooktop. If your intial reaction is, “Aren’t those for pizza?” Mugnaini Imports begs to differ with you. Every culture has cooked with live fire, but the Italians made wood-burning pizza ovens a time-tested mainstay. Today, humble wood-fired cooking is the envy of cooks around the world for superior baking and unmatched flavor for a variety of recipes. You can even roast a turkey or two! While Andrea Mugnaini originally partnered with the inventor of pizza oven components in the late 1980s to create authentic wood-fired pizza ovens in the United States, Mugnaini Imports now stands behind its wood-fired ovens as a cooking method for more than just pizza. Whether you install one indoors or add an oven to your outdoor kitchen, there are numerous possibilities when it comes to size, shape and masonry choices. When selecting the right oven, the company advises: Choose the largest one that will fit into your space and budget. With five different sizes and roof styles, out-of-pocket expenses for just the oven itself range from $2,550 to $12,000. The cost also depends on whether or not you order a factory-built oven or a masonry oven kit. Either way, you’ll need to hire a contractor to install the oven for you (unless you happen to be a super-handy craftsman). The masonry oven kit gives you more freedom when it comes to building your oven; you can assemble it into any structure you can dream up. The factory-built oven, on the other hand, limits your design capa-bilities to the already assembled piece. The Medio 110, which is considered mid-range when it comes to cooking surface space (it also happens to be the most popular size), is large enough for three roasting pans, two turkeys or four 12-inch pizzas. Convenient for holidays and daily use, the Medio 110 with a dome-shaped roof costs $9,000 factory assembled or $3,250 masonry assembled. Finally, when selecting the roof shape and size, you’ll want to choose a wood-fired oven to complement the architecture of your home and the style of your indoor or outdoor space. But no matter which Mugnaini oven you choose, you’re still making the decision to cook with natural heat, which makes your food taste amazing— pizza included.